Ways to Find You are Ready for Marriage

The topic of Marriage is perhaps an old favorite subject for an interesting chat! What makes the most personal and treasured part of everyone’s life a curious case? Perhaps, the uniqueness of each relationship: the means and ways with which individuals keep steering towards the only destination: A Happy Marriage!

In an attempt to understand this delicate bond of mutual relationship, let us study varied aspects of marriage. Our articles are the meaningful interpretation and positive and constructive outlook towards marriage and marital relationships.

We also analyze relationships as combination of energies of two individuals, their interaction with each other, the spheres of life in which they are compatible, and how they can help each other overcome shortcomings in themselves. We join you with the same willingness to evolve in life, find out ways that can help us become better people, understand dear ones and circumstances and be happily bonded as a family. Let us gather information, pick up tips, find guidance and solutions through study of various examples.

Methods to Show Gratitude to your Working Spouse

Tips on Methods to Show Gratitude to your Working Spouse

We can see a lot of people who would greet their colleagues or friends at office; smile back at strangers on roads and public transport systems and even say a thank you to someone they are not at all related to

Indian arranged marriage

Special Moments that Define Indian Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages are very predominant in the Indian sub-continent. The Indian arranged marriages are lengthy and elaborate procedures and they hold the feel of celebration for a pretty long period making it a memorable one for both the families.

Marriage Chart

Marriage Charts- How important are they?

Marriage plays a very important role in a person`s life. However, many marriages fail to last long due to sudden death or divorce, due to lack of compatibility. Vedic Astrology lays great emphasis on matching the charts of a boy and a girl to find out their compatibility.

Marriage ceremonies

Marriage Ceremonies – A Life Changing Journey

Marriage is a building of life long relationship with another human being of a different gender. It is but natural to long for a deep satisfying relationship with another that connects them on the dimensions of -physical, mental and spiritual.

Valentines-day- gift-ideas

Think Different with Gifts this Valentine’s Day

Gifting can be one of the nicest and easiest ways to show someone how much you care for them. When a gift has so much of an importance, then you definitely need to be different and very unique in what you give.

Eco friendly wedding

Eco-friendly Wedding is the ‘In’ Thing

Are you conscious of the environment in any and every activity that you do? Going Green on your wedding day is one of the best things that you can do for Mother Nature to prevent her from any further damage.

Winter problems

5 Winter Problems that can Spoil Your Wedding Day

Love winters and wish to have a perfect wedding with the back drop of this wonderful weather all around you? Winter is for sure a very nice and romantic time to tie the knot with someone who is very special to you.

Beach wedding

Beach Wedding: An Exotic and Fun Idea

Looking for a very different and unique location for your wedding? Have you ever thought of a beach as a place to conduct your marriage?


Significance of Kanyadaan Ceremony

Kanyadaan is a ritual in the Hindu tradition, according to which the father of the bride hands over all his rights and duties toward his daughter to the groom.

Wedding gift ideas

Unique and Interesting Wedding Gift Ideas

A wedding celebration is one of those glorious times when you are showered with too many gifts from relatives and friends. Traditionally, gifts have been the customary means for displaying love, affection, and good-will.

Photo ready hands

Photo Ready Hands: A Must for your D Day

Your wedding day is just round the corner and now you need to gear up all your activities to look perfect on your special time! One of the most important things to do would be to work on yourself.

wedding ring

Choosing the Finest Ring for Your Special Someone

There is this girl in your life who you have always admired and you fell for her right from the minute you saw her first! Now is the real testing time when you wish to go express your feelings toward her and tell her that you want her to be the love of your life.

Planning Your Wedding? Here is a Checklist

Planning Your Wedding? Here is a Checklist

Now that you have agreed to walk down the aisle, you must be having too many thoughts in your mind about how to proceed. What should be given the top priority and what can be taken up at a later stage?

Handle Stress in Marriage

It’s All About How You Handle Stress in Your Marriage

How do you react to a small mistake of your partner? How often do you feel stressed when you have to solve a family problem? Do you get easily upset when you do not find things happening as you expect them to be?

Lavish Indian Weddings

Most Lavish Indian Weddings Ever

In Indian culture, marriage symbolizes not just a sacred union of two individuals, but coming together of two families and extended relations as well. Notable features of Indian weddings are: elaborate customs, sacred rituals, sumptuous feasts.

Vidaai ceremony

Significance of Vidaai ceremony in Indian Weddings

An Indian wedding is an extravaganza of various ceremonies to enjoy and celebrate the moments leading to one’s initiation into a new journey of life. After all the fun and frolic, wedding rituals on the bride’s side conclude with the Vidaai or Bidaai ceremony.

financial mistakes thumbnail

5 Financial Mistakes that Ruin Your Marriage

A relationship thrives on mutual love and trust and these can be maintained when there are clear and mutually agreeable policies on important issues and one among them is finances.


Making Excellent Photo Slideshow of Your Marriage Ceremony

Photos help you re-live through the special days of your life again and again! They help you bond deeply with those days, make you cherish the memories and sentiments attached, for days and even years later.


Why Communication is Important in Marriage

‘He will surely know what I want!’, ‘She will understand the stress I am going through!’- Such thoughts between couples indicate how positive one thinks of the other person and how attached one feels towards the other.


Significance of Engagement in Indian Weddings

Getting engaged for marriage is a special occasion to rejoice happy moments of togetherness with close friends and relatives; enjoy the excitement of exchanging gifts between two families, dressing up in a special way for the occasion and of course the elaborate feast that follows.

wedding avenue

Tips on How to Find Perfect Venue for Wedding

Finding a perfect venue for your wedding is an important responsibility which you also relish while picking up ideas to make your wedding day the chosen one. Choosing a venue can induce you to think how you wish your wedding to be remembered by your guests.

nakshatra porutham

Star Match – Are You Compatible with Your Partner

Porutham is the method of match-making between a girl and a boy for a compatible marital relationship. There are 10 Poruthams in Vedic Astrology which are based on the various combinations of birth star, of the boy and the girl.

career and marriage

Effective Tips to Balance your Career and Marriage

Maintaining the right balance of work and family is like always walking on a tight rope. The chances of toppling over are always fifty-fifty

Best Afe to Get Married

Best Age For Getting Married

The best age to get married is when you feel you want to get married. At each age you will meet with a set of pitfalls and a set of benefits

 Find your wedding day look

Find Your Wedding Day Look

Wedding day look is not about looking different or dazzling and out of the world. Many a time brides and grooms tend to over-do their Wedding Day Look with excessive and gaudy dressing and makeup.

Inauspicious Planetary Yogas in Married Life

Inauspicious Planetary Yogas in Married Life

Happiness in marriage is verily a gift from heaven. Love, affection, longevity, children, loyalty, health are the factors to be considered in a happy married life.

Sacred Steps of a Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Sacred Steps of a Hindu Wedding Ceremony

According to Hindu Dharma, marriage is a sacrament to unite two souls such that they become one in soul and spirit. It is believed in Hindu philosophy that if two people walk seven steps together then they will remain lifelong friends.

10 Secrets of a Successful Marriage

Love Marriage in Vedic Astrology

Love marriages are prevalent in Western culture though in the East such marriages still raise others eyebrows and you can find a glint of inquisitiveness in their eyes.

10 Secrets of a Successful Marriage

10 Secrets of a Successful Marriage

True, genuine love can solve many problems and remove barriers too, but being little cautious and maturing with the demands of circumstances can ensure a smooth and happy life.

mars in marital life

The Role of Mars in Marital Life

In astrology, each day has its unique qualities. It means, 11th of March is different from 12th of the same month, even though they both are weekdays and you are likely to follow the same routine!

ready for marriage

How to Choose Astrological Time for Getting Married

In astrology, each day has its unique qualities. It means, 11th of March is different from 12th of the same month, even though they both are weekdays and you are likely to follow the same routine!

best relationship tips

6 best relationship tips

Are you about to get married or 'Just married'? It's the natural flow of life that presents a beautiful aspect of life - the union of the masculine and feminine love. And yet, like any other aspect of life, it requires delicate handling and compassionate nurturing. Few tips may help you wake up to the realities of living and enjoying togetherness.

ready for marriage

Ways to Find You are Ready for Marriage

Imagine, one of your close friends, Diana, brimming over with excitement, announces to you one day that she is getting married. – What would be your reaction?