Eco-friendly Wedding is the ‘In’ Thing

Are you conscious of the environment in any and every activity that you do? Going Green on your wedding day is one of the best things that you can do for Mother Nature to prevent her from any further damage.

Doing your bit will definitely make a difference and you might end up inspiring other people as well to go Green and have an eco-friendly wedding. Here are 5 best ways that can help you Go Green at your wedding.

Kundali Doshas

Send out e-invitations to all your guests

An easy and tech friendly way to invite guests for your marriage would be to send them an e-mail! By sending an e-mail you are saving up on loads of paper and at the same time saving costs on mailing charges.

Another benefit of e-mailing the invitations is that they can bookmark the date in their calendar and can be reminded of the event a day or two in advance so that they do not miss out on your wedding.

Get all your needs met locally to avoid pollution

Do make sure to purchase all the things needed for the marriage from local vendors as far as possible. This will make sure that very less or no transportation is used to get the things to the wedding destination.

This will also mean less emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere and lesser expenses too! It would also mean that you are utilizing local resources as much as possible.

Use green venues for the wedding ceremony

You can use a beach or park or any lush green place as your marriage venue if possible. This would mean a close to nature wedding.

At the same time, you would not be using air conditioners and other equipment which by all means would pollute the environment. An outdoor wedding is for sure a good way to celebrate your D day!

Wear family heirloom and flaunt it in style

Your wedding dress is for sure something you would not wear more than once or a couple of times, so why get a new one when you can do with some family heirloom or vintage stuff!

You could use your mom’s marriage dress by making a few alterations or add-ons to it and don the family jewelry. Family heirloom can for sure be one awesome thing that you can flaunt in front of one and all!

The best thing is that you are not buying or purchasing anything new which means that less pollution to the environment. It will also tell people how you can look elegant and at the same time do it without causing any harm to Mother Nature.

Go digital with your albums to make a difference

This is a nice and easy way to have memories of the weddings all in one place without having to cut trees. Digital albums are the most ‘in’ things these days since they can be circulated easily.

Copies of the album can be made in like no time and at a very nominal cost and most of all they can be preserved forever! How much more good can you be to Nature than this!

Go green on your wedding day and you will sure make a difference in making the world a much better place to live in! Having a marriage so close to Nature and at the same time being very good to it is something you should be proud of.