About Us


Matrimony Remedies is powered by AstroVed.com and was developed under the guidance of philanthropist and patron Dr. Baskaran Pillai to provide trusted and result-oriented answers and Vedic remedies for all Matrimonial issues based on the principles and norms of Vedic Astrology.

Dr. Pillai himself is an expert Vedic astrologer with extensive contacts in the "International Vedic Astrology Community". With his passion, commitment and untiring efforts, Dr. Pillai has created a niche for himself in the field of Astrology globally.

His bold and strong conviction is that "Spirituality is an important instrument for social change".

AstroVed is a pioneer in Vedic Astrology services providing remedies and solutions in the areas of finance, career, relationship, health, children/family, business and other personal problems too. Because of the complexities of the problems faced by the people, AstroVed has various other mediums to reach to the root cause and dispense appropriate remedies. Some of the other Prediction techniques and services offered are Nadi Astrology, Instant Insight and Live Astrology Consultations through phone or Skype, Angel Reading etc.

We at Matrimony Remedies provide thoroughly researched, trusted and result-oriented astrology and Vedic remedy solutions for the following matrimonial-related issues:

  • Delayed marriage (Late marriage, etc.)
  • Post-Marriage (Relationship problems, Marital discord etc.,)
  • Re-marriage (Second marriage, Post-divorce marriage etc.,)

Once the identification is done, Vedic remedies will be suggested, which the individual can perform in person or through a proxy.

Matrimony Remedies.com provides its customers with:

  • Exclusive and Committed Personal Service
  • Trusted Solutions for Problems
  • 100% - Confidentiality and Privacy