When will I get married?

The 7th house denotes about ones marriage, so when major/minor period of 7th house lord or transits wise supportable planets will occur in your birth chart, that period could be your marriage time.

What is the probable year/month of my marriage?

The 7th house placement/lord, aspect, Navmansh 7th house placement/ lord aspect, transits wise, major/minor period of benefic planets, Jupiter placement and transits wise signify about ones marriage.

Will I get married soon?

The 7th house placement, in Transit 7th house lord conjoins with Venus, 2nd house lord, 10th house lord, 7th house sign lord and 7th house placed planet lord will indicate about ones marriage soon/delayed.

Will I able to conceive after marriage?

The 5th house deals in progeny. If 5th house lord is not afflicted and it is not associated with malefic planets then surely one will does not have issues problems.

Will I marry the guy/girl I’m in love with?

The 7th house should be linked with 5th house to get true love.

Will my partner be romantic?

If the planet Venus is allied with 5th house then definitely your partner will be romantic.

How long will my marriage last?

Its depend upon your 7th house, if it is united with malefic planets like Saturn or Rahu then the conjugal journey would not be long lasting, hurdles could be present in your marital life.

How long will our love last?

The 5th house called love house, Venus is love planet. If both are abruptly linked with malefic then you might face problems regarding Love.

Can I trust my partner?

Jupiter is the planet for belief and trust. If it is linked with 7th or 5th house then certainly you can trust your partner.

Will our love lead to marriage?

The 5th house lord conjoined with 7th house lord without any malefic affect or aspect then your love will lead to marriage.

Is my existing partner compatible?

The ascendant, 5th & 7th house should be analyzed thoroughly to get on transparent results.

Does my ex-lover still love me?

The 5th house placement, lord & 11th house placement, lord will signify that your EX still loves you or not.

My marriage will be love or arranged?

The 5th house/lord signifies 7th house/lord or if they conjoined in 5th or 7th house then your marriage would be love. Else your marriage could be arranged one.

Will I able convince my family members for love marriage?

The 2nd house should be associated with 5th & 7th house without any malefic affects or aspects this things signify that you will be able to convince your family members or not.

I heard about Mars Afflictions (Mangal Dosha), what it is?

The placement of Mars in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th from ascendant, Venus or Moon it signifies Mars Affliction/Dosha. Mars affliction increase instability in relationship

Will Mangal Dosha affects my marriage life?

If your birth chart is Afflicted then definitely your marriage life would get affected.

What is Kal Sarp Dosha?

When all the planets heemed between Rahu & Ketu this dosha is formed.

Will this affliction (Kal Sarp Dosha) affect my marital life?

Yes! If your birth chart is afflicted from Kal Sarp Dosha then your conjugal journey won’t be flawless.

How can I know which person is right for me?

The both natives birth chart analyzation would gives more transparent results that he/she would be right mate for you or not.

Why am I experiencing delays in getting married?

The 7th house/lord, afflicted from Saturn, Rahu, Ketu. Major/minor period malefic planets, unfavorable transits will gives delay in marriage.

I am anxious about my married life? How it will be?

The placement of 7th house/lord, 2nd house, and 11th house should be taken in account and analyzed properly to get appropriate results about ones fruitful married life.

Remarriage chances are present or not?

7th house/lord debilitation or conjoined with 8th house/lord, all the planets in dual sign, 7th house/lord placed/conjoined with malefic planets then one can experience remarriage.

Will I get divorce?

ascendant, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 12th should be analyzed thoroughly to see a person will get divorce or not.

Will I have pre marital affairs?

The planet Venus, Venus major/minor period, 5th house/lord/placement lord, star lord signifies one will have pre-marital affairs or not.

Will my engagement break?

The 3rd, 9th & 11th house should be checked properly for engagement breakup or not.

Will I remain a single whole in my life?

If the 7th house lord debilitated in 12th house, Saturn & Moon conjoined in 12th house and 7th house is aspected from 2 or 3 malefic planets then definitely one will remain Single in his whole life.

I would like to know ups and downs in/after my marital life?

The placement of 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th houses signify about good & bad time in/after marriage.

Will I able to enjoy my complete marital bliss?

The ascendant, 7th & 11th & 12th house denotes that you would be enjoying the whole marital life or not.

Will my partner would be a foreigner?

If 7th house associated with Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or aspected by malefic planets, D9 chart is associated with malefic planets, star lord is linked with 7th house then surely one will get partner from foreign country.

Inter caste marriage chances are present or not?

The 5th, 7th, 9th houses should be analyzed. 7th house connection with Rahu, Saturn, Ketu, Sun and conjoined with ascendant lord. If D9 chart also has the same prospects then one will have inter caste marriage.

How will be my financial prospects after marriage?

The 2nd & 11th houses should be taken in account and checked thoroughly for scenario about fiscal in ones life.

Will my Luck start supporting after marriage?

The 9th house/lord, placement should be with most benefic planets, the ascendant lord signify the 9th house. Then the Luck will surely start supporting you.

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