How to Choose Astrological Time for Getting Married

In astrology, each day has its unique qualities. It means, 11th of March is different from 12th of the same month, even though they both are weekdays and you are likely to follow the same routine! An astrologer can quantify time to its minute particle and tell which fragment of time is being influenced by which Celestial body. Or in simple terms, the astrologer tells you what energy each fragment of time holds. If you are fortunate to have your birth-chart perfectly prepared, an astrological expert can also tell you whether the influence of planets favors the energies or vibrations that you hold.

Electional astrology: Each moment of time is infused with certain combination of energies that has the potential of making an activity or event auspicious or inauspicious. Incidence of an event at an auspicious time holds the potential of making it successful. It is the technique to find the appropriate time when the favorable planetary energies will be supportive of maximum benefit and satisfaction of an occasion in one’s life. It is also known as event astrology.

Astrological Time for Getting Married

Star or Nakshatra - Nakshatras are the 27 divisions recognized by the ancient Indian astronomers. Each of the Nakshatras covers 13 degrees and 20 minutes of the zodiac.

Tithi or the Lunar day - Tithi is a phase among the 15 phases of Moon .

Yoga – Union of various planets, Sun and Moon creates Yoga. There are 27 Yogas.

Weekday – The time between first sun rise to next sunrise is called a day. The days are symbolic of the ruling planetary energies.

Karana – Karana is one-half of a Moon Phase, for eg: the first 12 hours of New Moon, the final 12 Hours of New Moon etc.

Study of the above 5 factors would ascertain the favorable and unfavorable aspects of a day to find the appropriate or holy time such as Sarvasiddhi, Amritasiddhi and so on.

Planets responsible for marriage:

Vedic astrology provides indications for suitable time of marriage, how to handle marital relationships and how to find happiness from emotional bonding between the couples. Planets such as Venus, Mars, Jupiter are the Prime Determinants of marriage, their placement in one’s natal chart, and their relation with Sun, Moon and Saturn, influence marital life in favorable or unfavorable way.

Primary factors that an astrologer analyses on seeing a chart for deciding the favorable time for marriage are:

  • Placement of Venus in the boy’s chart and Jupiter in the girl’s chart.
  • The Sun sign of the individual.
  • The Moon sign of the individual.
  • The Ascendant sign of the individual.

Malefic influences of planets:

  • If planets that are prime signifiers of marriage are aspected or close to the major malefic planet in the chart.
  • If the prime signifiers of marriage are placed in Houses where they are debilitated.

Benefic influence of planets:

  • If the prime signifiers of marriage are in favourable signs in the natal chart.
  • If the prime signifiers of marriage are energized by favorable planets
  • Though natal charts tell you about favorable and unfavorable effects of planets, Electional astrology or Muhurtha astrology tells you whether a time holds favorable conditions for particular events.

    A glance at unfavorable conditions:

    • During waning phase of Moon.
    • When Venus is close to Sun or in retrograde.
    • When Jupiter is retrograde or with Sun.
    • When Jupiter and Saturn are in 8th House.
    • Lords of Major or minor periods of an individual in retrograde or in debilitation.
    • No influence of planets from 6th, 8th and 12th Houses.

    A glance at favorable conditions:

    • During waxing phase of Moon.
    • When Venus is in exaltation or in own sign.
    • Benefic planets in 5th, 7th and 11th Houses.
    • Jupiter in transit through 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th Houses.