Photo Ready Hands: A Must for your D Day

Your wedding day is just round the corner and now you need to gear up all your activities to look perfect on your special time! One of the most important things to do would be to work on yourself. You should not just feel good from inside, but also look totally ravishing and drop-dead gorgeous from outside. With so many people coming over for your wedding and you being the highlight of the day you must prepare yourself to give your best shot. Your entire body needs to look flawless and full of radiance. Here are some tips on how you can make your hands look shipshape on your wedding day.

Photo Ready Hands

Waxing yourself is a great idea

Waxing is one of the best things to do to your hands to make them look and feel real lovely! This process helps get rid of all the unwanted hair and it will make your hands look smooth and nice.

Regular waxing will keep your skin smooth and healthy. Do wax yourself 2-3 days before your wedding day so that your hands are picture perfect.

Nail art is a must when you wish to flash your wow looking nails

Nails are a highlight on any and every girl’s hands. If maintained well, they actually increase the beauty of your hand. Clean your nails often and cut or shape them. Do make sure to get yourself some awesome nail art.

Get nail art that would blend perfectly with your dress and jewelry that you plan to use on the hand. Pick shades of nail polish that are glossy and have a fine shine so that your nails glow and look very nice on the Big day!

Nothing like good old mehandi to give your hands an artistic incline

Mehandi(a paste made from leaves used to temporarily tattoo the bride’s hands and legs) is a must and should for every Indian wedding. Be it filling your entire hand until the wrist on both sides with wonderful designs or opting for an Arabic design would look equally good and increase the beauty factor of every bride’s hands. When you use mehandi, your wedding or engagement ring also gets highlighted and makes it look even better.

Manicure pampers your hands and makes it picture ready

The actual process of taking care of yourself should start months before your wedding. Either head to a beauty parlor or use a do-it-yourself manicure kit and make your hands soft and shiny.

You should use a very good scrub on your hands to clean it and then gently massage it with your fingers so that the hands become clean and soft. By doing a manicure regularly you can be pretty sure that you are doing your best to make your hands look charming at all times.

Moisturizers prevent your skin from drying and nourish them

Keeping your hands soft is as important as keeping them clean. Making sure that they do not become rough and dry can be quite challenging if you are in a cold environment all the time. The regular use of moisturizers would prevent your hands from drying by locking the moisture.

The hands would be very healthy if you use some moisturizer that contains aloe vera or petroleum jelly. Depending on your skin type, you can either use a gel-based moisturizer (for oily skin) or an oil-rich moisturizer (for dry skin). Always remember that you should not use the same moisturizer on your face and rest of the skin.

Sunscreen lotion and bleaching to protect from sun damage

Protecting your hands from the damaging effects of the Sun is very essential. Always apply sunscreen lotion 10-15 minutes before you leave from home.

This would ensure that the lotion goes deep into your skin and protects you from the Sun’s damaging rays. You can even opt to use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen lotion.

Are your hands already a victim to the Sun’s rays, do not worry! Bleach your hands well once or many times depending on the damage caused to your skin and you can see miraculous changes in very less time. Try and go as less into the Sun as possible if you are already tanned. This will give your skin the time to recover and heal from the tan and make it soft and glowing.

Taking care of yourself is very important especially during the days of your wedding. Start pampering your skin much before the actual day so that you see good results on the Big day! Make your skin look and feel real nice so that you can flaunt them on your wedding day and capture the attention of one and all. You are now set to have the most photo ready hands for your marriage.