10 Secrets of a Successful Marriage

The bond of marriage is an ensemble of dreams, emotions, nature and habits of two individuals. The secret of finding happiness in each other lies in finding the fine balance in each of these aspects. And believe it or not, it’s not a difficult thing to do. But what do you do when precious and beautiful things around you begin to look awful when your bad mood, stress from work, worries of relations or troubling health issues begin to play their pranks in between you and your partner. In fact, they get on your nerves and even begin to choke you. This is where your memories play the most vital role. The memories of good times of togetherness act as pacifiers. Therefore, do not forget to reinforce those good memories again and again!

Remember your relationship with your partner is no way to be equated with the terms you have with your parents or siblings. Desires and expectations of your spouse are very different from theirs. Here are 10 ways to make your marriage a happy and long lasting:

10 Secrets of a Successful Marriage

Fulfilling your partner’s dreams: Dreams of a person speak about what the person aspires to become or aims to achieve. Once you learn about his or her important desires, a deep and long thought on them will give you better insight into how you can help your partner realize those dreams. The same approach from your partner is essential too. The problem ignites when you come between your partner and his or her dreams.

Managing your time: If your work takes away 80 percent of your time, then you are not organized at work. Accept it! Become conscious of the time you spend towards varied aspects of your life - your job, socializing with your friends and spending time with your partner. Times when you are able to find only half an hour to be with your partner, try to make it a precious time for both.

Open channels of communication: In a relationship, never become unyielding to the extent that none can approach you for communication. While gifts are means to make the other person happy, talking about your feelings with honesty is very important. And an important rule to remember: Never talk when you are angry.

Opposite natures attract the other in a relation: Well, this rule does not apply when you are someone who can lie for convenience and your partner always speaks his/her mind, or when you are a partying animal and your partner loves the coziness of home. But you contribute in a big way to your relationship by being different from your partner. Just like, one being aggressive and the other docile, one being a garrulous and the other a good listener, one being spendthrift and extravagant while the other calculating and practical, and so on.

Never humiliate or embarrass your partner: You both arrive late at a party and you point out your spouse to your friends, blaming him or her for being held up at work. Such behavior not only incurs deep emotional injury to your spouse, it also becomes apparent that you have the least compassion for him or her. Thereafter, your partner will think twice before making you his or her emotional anchor.

Referring to unfavorable past experiences: It is the first thing that comes to our mind when we are annoyed with our partner. But hold on, negative thoughts create confusion and will discourage the other person from rectifying his or her ways.

Honesty and Trust: They are the pillars of married life. When you have to travel long distances, or into a demanding job or under work pressure you return home restless – your partner’s trust on you will help him or her endure such unpleasant times. Being honest under any circumstances will make you more reliable.

Thinking positive: The magic of an optimistic or positive thought, always keeps you more enthusiastic, hopeful and open to change. When things in life tend to go astray, a change always keeps the hope burning.

Show that you care: When you find that your spouse is undergoing difficult time in office, sit with him or her to analyze the problem and help to find a solution, be kind at times of stressful situations, take time out of your work to spend more time with your spouse when he or she is sick. These little gestures are capable of mighty impacts.

Financial planning: Both of you should agree for a financial planning. Wasteful expenditures, stress of earning more money or having no saving for difficult times or additional expenditures can lead to annoying altercations between couples. Prepare yourselves to avoid such scenarios.

True, genuine love can solve many problems and remove barriers too, but being little cautious and maturing with the demands of circumstances can ensure a smooth and happy life.