Choosing the Finest Ring for Your Special Someone

There is this girl in your life who you have always admired and you fell for her right from the minute you saw her first! Now is the real testing time when you wish to go express your feelings toward her and tell her that you want her to be the love of your life.

This can be a very stressful task since there are so many things you need to analyze and prepare yourself for before you take the big leap. One of the most important things here would be to buy her a very good ring so that you can propose to her in style. Here we give you a few tips on how to pick the best ring for your soul mate-to-be.

wedding ring

Buy something that matches her style statement

You need to know her tastes well as to what exactly her preference would be when it comes to jewelry. Does she like designer rings, classic wear or just a simple one? This is one question you need to ask yourself before you get her the ring. She would be wearing this ring for the rest of her life and you for sure should give her something which she would love to wear and flaunt around all the time.

Take her shopping or involve her in the ring designing process

If you want to be 100% sure that what you give her is exactly what she wants; then you could take her along when you go shopping for the ring. You would need to tell her that you are buying jewelry for someone else and need her help to pick something extravagant.

If you think it would not be right or appropriate to take her along, then you could even ask a friend or sibling or hers to help select the right ring for her. Even if you wish to get the ring custom designed then you could involve her in the designing process to be doubly sure that you are giving her exactly what she wishes to possess.

Remember that a diamond is every girl’s best friend

Diamond is a very classy and wonderful looking stone. It is one stone which any and every girl would love to have with her. The best thing about diamonds is that they never got out of fashion. You can choose the size of the stone depending on your budget.

For the base metal you can either pick platinum or gold depending on which metal she likes to adorn. Though a diamond would be very costly and might dig into your budget a lot, you need to remember that this ring is for someone who is absolutely priceless to you!

Make sure that you buy genuine jewelry

It is always better that you take some family member or a friend who is well versed with things related to jewelry making when you go to make the actual purchase. Do not fall for discounts or cheap sales tactics since you might end up buying fake jewelry.

Do all your tests to check if the ring is of good quality and buy the ring only once you are fully convinced. The sure shot way for this would be to buy the ring from some reputed jeweler.

Do not forget to add an element of surprise

Doing this in the right proportion is absolutely necessary. Pick a ring just the way she would like it to be, but do not forget to add your personal touch to this special piece of jewelry. You could either have both your names or initials inscribed on the base metal or even give a special or unique cut to the stone. Get as creative as you can with this little surprise!

Express your love in a way that she feels delighted and is tempted to say nothing but ‘yes’ to your proposal. The ring would be your way to express to her how much you know of her liking and how important are her desires to you. Make the proposal day as special and beautiful as you can for the love of your life.