Tips on How to Find Perfect Venue for Wedding

Finding a perfect venue for your wedding is an important responsibility which you also relish while picking up ideas to make your wedding day the chosen one. Choosing a venue can induce you to think how you wish your wedding to be remembered by your guests. Play the scenario of the special day in your mind and observe the elements of your imagination.

Wedding Venue

Choice of venue:

The elements in your imagination can urge you to opt for a wedding with just an intimate gathering of friends and relatives in a garden, a barn, a club room or a small banquet hall in a hotel, or your country-side house. In such a case your preference might be for a cozy, warm and simple ambience where love and heart felt wishes of near and dear ones will keep the atmosphere charged.

If you wish to invite your colleagues or your clients to your wedding, preference of your venue might be a party hall, sprawling lawn, a lake-side or a fountain view garden, a farm house, club house and so on. You will be happy to entertain and introduce your business circle to your known group of friends and relatives. It would be an opportunity for the formal group to relax and share words with others in a lighter mood.

Décor of venue:

Ambience of the venue is a sum total of effects of your minute selection of different aspects of the venue. The care you take in choosing several parts and measures you take for your guests make a difference to their mood during the ceremony.

Color play of the spreads, chair covers, flowers, lights, hangings, along with the background set the mood for the occasion. The music you select and the digital projections also add to cheer up the guests. You may choose the atmosphere to be a glittering and loud, soft and warm, mild and formal or creative and funky and so on. You may choose to be the royal bride or groom by choosing your venue at a hall in a castle or a palace of medieval period.

Easy access to dining area and rest-rooms can add to the conveniences of the venue.

Catering Service:

The menu of food and quality is an important part of the ceremony. It is always a good idea to have a variety spread that can make people of different tastes enjoy the menu. For example, spicy dishes and mild ones, fries and salads, fruits and ice-cream, innovative dishes with traditional ones may agree with different tastes of the guests.

It is always a good idea to meet the chef for a one to one chat and explain your idea for the menu you want to choose and then taste the menu with a chosen group of friends before the wedding day.

Number of guests at the ceremony is an important factor for the chef too. So discuss the number of dishes you think would be appropriate for the maximum number of heads turning up at the wedding.


Finances available for expenses of the ceremony are perhaps the prime factor for choosing a venue though the number of guests you are inviting is also a factor in making your choice. Expense for the venue is the first consideration that comes to mind. After you decide upon your expenses, you go about chalking out ways on how to accommodate your ideas and choices. So budget your expenses and begin to explore the options you have in hand and how well you can implement your ideas.

Whether on your wedding day you wish to have a small and intimate celebration or a lavish and glittering one, a touch of care for the guests and an eye for a pleasant setting in honor of the guests will make your wedding a far more memorable day than you would have thought.