Find Your Wedding Day Look

Wedding day look is not about looking different or dazzling and out of the world. Many a time brides and grooms tend to over-do their Wedding Day Look with excessive and gaudy dressing and makeup. In the large number of photographs clicked on the day, you will be the predominant subject and you surely don’t want to look someone else! You should be proud to look at them even years later.

Find Your Wedding Day Look=

Looking great on this day is about looking your best self, your features beautifully accentuated for prominence. The basic tips about looking good on the day is about having a good skin tone, bright looks and fitting into your wedding dress comfortably.

The daily regime of taking care of yourself:

The fortnight before your wedding is the time when you need to tone up yourself internally and externally. Take good rest, sleep well, and relax yourself with music or chatting up with your close ones. Eat good amount of fruits, vegetables and water for building up good level of energy. Avoid going out in the sun to keep your skin from tanning.

Get tips from your beautician to suggest taking care of your skin and get into a regular routine of scrubbing, toning and moisturizing to keep your skin looking supple and radiant. You can even pamper yourself with body message to relax and stimulate your nerves.

Remember, when you take good care of yourself, it shows.

Preparing for the day:

Choose your wedding dress in which you will be comfortable walking around and talking to people. If you appear too fussy about your dress on your wedding day, you may create an embarrassing situation for your guest. Do not forget to choose the color that blends well with your skin color. Your hairstyle should complement your style. A simple and artistically done hair will complement your looks whereas a heavy hairdo will be overwhelming. Your nails should be well manicured and colored so that they not only match your dress but the wedding ring can also fit in with pride. Choose shoes for the glittering occasion but ensure that you are comfortable in them for long hours.

Your dress should well accentuate your outlook and how you wish to be appreciated by everyone around you. Wait for people to say, ‘Wow, you look so pretty’ and not ‘Oh my God you look so different’!

Your attitude on the day:

As your beautiful dress and makeup creates a great impression about you, do not forget the most beautiful part of you – Your attitude! Be homely, sincere and hearty to your guests. Let your heart do the talking. That will make a complete you on the most special and memorable day of your life. Your behavior on the day is what will give this occasion the special touch. Warmly receive the greetings from your guests and show them how pleased you are with their presence. Again, do not become too excited with them, try to stay calm and maintain a sober demeanor.