Inauspicious Planetary Yogas in Married Life

Happiness in marriage is verily a gift from heaven. Love, affection, longevity, children, loyalty, health are the factors to be considered in a happy married life.

Role of Horoscope in match making

In India, people always match the horoscopes of the couple before marriage. Match making is done based on the horoscope of the boy and the girl.

A study of horoscope gives details of various planetary positions and combinations that give happiness or disturbances in marital life.

An expert astrologer would suggest remedial measures if planetary combinations are not beneficial to the native. In some cases, he would advice not to enter into marriage till a particular time period and in some, to seek a better match.

In everyday life we see couples facing problems in married life owing to different reasons and astrologers would say that problems are created through inauspicious planetary yogas that affect married life.

Planetary Yogas in Married Life

Inauspicious planetary combinations in married life

  • Frequent quarrels in married life often leading to misunderstandings and separation are caused when: Planet Mars is in the 7th house unaspected or not joined by benefics
  • Discord, lack of mutual understanding and want of real bonding between the couple is seen if: Saturn is in the 8th house and if it is in a square to Mars
  • Unhappiness in marriage is caused if: Saturn in the 7th house unless Saturn happens to be either lord of lagna or lord of the seventh.
  • Native will lack marital happiness, if: Sun and Venus occupy the 5th, 7th, or the 9th house
  • Planetary combination that affects conjugal happiness, if: A strong malefic is in the 4th, particularly Mars.
  • Frequent quarrels and misunderstandings will occur if: The longitude of the 7th house falls in a malefic navamsa.
  • Problems in married life are caused if: Venus and Moon form a conjunction in Ascendant or seventh house.
  • Husband and wife`s relationship will be unstable if: Weak planetary position of Mars or Venus in the same house of the native`s chart.
  • Planetary combination causing mismatched pairs: If Mars, Ketu and exalted Venus are in the Kendra houses.
  • Possibility of getting re-married if: Inauspicious planets like Saturn and Rahu in the 7th house.
  • Disagreements between husband and wife happen if: Lord of the seventh house is placed in the sixth or the eighth house. In extreme cases, it leads to separation and involvement in new relations.
  • Difficult married life is seen when Position of Venus in the fourth house of one`s chart and also when the lord of the seventh house is combust in its own house.
  • Conjunction of Venus and Mars along with malefic planets causes divorce, separation and other difficulties in marriage.
  • Ketu- Venus- Mars or Saturn combination denotes danger or scandal in marriage. But it can be neutralized if the 10th house or the house of karma is well disposed.

Kuja Dosha

Position of Venus and Mars is important in judging marital happiness and harmony. Mars is the planet which rules the element fire. If the sacerdotal fire is extinguished in fire due to the badly placed Mars in one`s chart, then this dosha called Kuja dosha occurs.

  • 2nd house signifies family
  • 4th house signifies happiness
  • 12th house signifies comforts and conjugal happiness
  • 7th house indicates husband
  • 8th house indicated longevity of husband and wife

Position of Mars in these houses is very important as it decides the marital harmony between the couple.

Kuja dosha occurs when Planet Mars is in the 2nd, 4th, 12th, 7th or 8th houses in a horoscope. In the girl`s horoscope this dosha causes death to her husband and if it is in the boy`s horoscope, it causes death to the wife.

However, a girl with kuja dosha can marry a boy with kuja dosha, as the evil combinations in both the horoscopes get neutralized or cancelled, say the texts.