5 Winter Problems that can Spoil Your Wedding Day

Love winters and wish to have a perfect wedding with the back drop of this wonderful weather all around you? Winter is for sure a very nice and romantic time to tie the knot with someone who is very special to you.

However, you might want to watch out for certain disasters that can make your wedding day a little too stressful. You don’t need to completely rule out the idea of a winter wedding just for this!

Winter problems

Here are 5 common troubles you could face along with some easy solutions to help you enjoy an Awesome Winter Wedding!

Hitch 1: Will the guests make it to the venue on a harsh winter day?

This is one major aspect you need to consider. Harsher the winter, lesser would be the chances of most guests making it for your wedding, especially if the venue is far from their home.

To fix this problem, you can try your best and keep the wedding either at the start of the winter or at the end of it. Both these times would be less severe than any other times of the winter after all.

Hitch 2: You might not be able to dress just the way you wish!

You might have a constraint on the kind of outfit you can wear for the wedding. It definitely has to be something that can protect you from the cold and at the same time look good on you. A skin show would be a complete ‘No’ at such times.

You can work on this, by wearing outfits that are winter and skin friendly. You can look great in your wedding dress without exposing too much of your skin! Your wedding outfit designer can help you with this. Woollen inners will keep you warm and comfortable.

Hitch 3: You or your would-be can catch a viral infection

You cannot eat or drink anything you wish in winter! Especially when your wedding is round the corner. You need to watch each and everything you munch on.

Try to eat and drink warm food or things served at room temperature. This will help prevent a viral infection. At the same time, keep some quick-relief medications so that you or anyone else catching an infection can still enjoy the celebrations!

Hitch 4: The weather might be harsh on your soft skin!

Your skin needs to be protected with winter lotions and creams so that it can bear the harsh winter without any issues.

Pick the kind of clothes that are good looking and at the same time gentle on your skin. Use winter friendly skin care products. Even otherwise, you can arrange things in a way that there is a heater next to you at all times of the marriage so that your skin looks and feels good.

Hitch 5: Alas! You cannot plan a close-to-nature outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding will not be possible if you have it in the winter season. You might even have problems of photos not being very nice or clear due to the fog and climatic condition around. You could even have a problem of your makeup artist or photographer not being able to make it to the wedding venue on time!

Have a back up for everything! Have a friend or relative who can do the make up for you. Keep a handy cam with you and get a friend to shoot the entire wedding.

Though things can go wrong during a winter wedding, you can for sure find an alternate way to fix them and still have one of the best winter weddings ever! Winter is after all one of the best and most romantic times to tie the knot.