It’s All About How You Handle Stress in Your Marriage

How do you react to a small mistake of your partner? How often do you feel stressed when you have to solve a family problem? Do you get easily upset when you do not find things happening as you expect them to be?


Observe yourself carefully! Do you get affected easily? Then, you are surely getting stressed out in meeting your day to day requirements! You can avoid such self-inflicted agonies by consciously following certain rules:

When emotions become spoiler:

If you are not able to handle your emotions, you will not be able handle relationships too. It is important to watch your emotions before they begin to reign over your sense of judgment. They might be a major reason for the small failures that you keep tumbling upon!

Find a way around your emotions

You often color the world with the colors of your mind. Ensure that you always see the world outside with beautiful colors by working on your emotions:

  • The foremost step is to start observing your emotions whenever they spring up. Slowly, try to control the bridle of your emotions – excitement, anger, frustration, irritation and so on.
  • Be at peace with yourself. You can practice meditation, yoga, or listen to mind soothing music.
  • Be open about your feelings. Negative emotional outbursts often erupt due to irritation, frustrations and dissatisfaction. So, convey your feelings patiently and honestly to your partner.

Approach problems with good attitude

Keeping a positive frame of mind will always create a good aura around you. You will inspire people to behave well too. Certain practices can help you approach problem better:

  • Keep reminding yourself to see the positive side while analyzing things or situations. Do not react to adverse situations instantly; give yourself time to think the pros and cons.
  • Try to keep yourself in positive frame of mind by listening to good music, watching movies, taking weekends off to relax and have fun time with your family.

When you understand the role you play for your partner:

Avoid blaming your partner

Blaming another person never solves a problem. Certain practices can help you avoid doing so:

  • Try to find some quiet time with your partner, atleast once a week to talk about important issues. Usually, long walks, having coffee together, sometimes driving down together to the supermarket or visiting a friend gives you opportunities for intimate chats.
  • Be careful when you broach a sensitive subject. Never do so before you are going to office, family functions, happy occasions or on a vacation.
  • Never think of family problems when you are tired from work or stressed with some other issues.

Have a clear understanding with your partner

Bonds of love need to be reinforced time and again. So keep telling your partner how much he or she matters to you through ways you can think of. Certain practices can help you reinforce bonds of love:

  • Find out how each of you react to stressful situations and how you prefer to handle them. If you want to be left alone to handle your difficulties do tell that to your partner.
  • If you have reacted to your partner under stress, find time to tell her or him that it was not intentional.
  • Learn to deal with emotions of your partner. If you love your partner, you are likely to feel sorry for the stress he or she is undergoing. So, try not to fight back or argue under tense situations.

Conscious steps to improve your life is definitely better than dealing with life situations based on instincts.