Ways to Find You are Ready for Marriage

Imagine, one of your close friends, Diana, brimming over with excitement, announces to you one day that she is getting married. – What would be your reaction? Would you become upset thinking that she is out to ruin her happy life or would you feel glad that she has found someone worthy as a life partner?

ready for marriage

Well, if you pity her and go all the way to counsel her into buying some more time before settling for a marriage, it’s a sure indication that YOU, yourself are not yet ready for a long-lasting relationship. But, if you are happy about your friend and at the same time you fear that you may not be able to handle such serious commitments in life, you need to talk to your elders or walk up to a counselor. Or even better way out! Just try to have a positive outlook and find out how despite all the adversities, many marriages succeed.

Have you considered your marital life from these perspectives?

Stages of a marriage: Getting yourself married is no doubt a great pleasure of enjoying love, and warmth of relationship. You are likely to be happily absorbed with the excitement of laying the foundation stones of a new life, enjoy the surprises from your partner and so on. But remember, while riding on the wave of enthusiasm, your life will glide down from the crest to trough.

Your marriage will enter the next stage. In this second stage, you are likely to be done with the surprises, the unique idiosyncrasies of the relationship. Hereafter, comes a stage where you really need to change your outlook, attitude and habits you have been donning so far. Sounds difficult? No doubt about it!

All this while, you were picking and choosing only those things that would co-habit with your likes and dislikes, and suddenly you are being asked to realign all that? Well, buddy that is precisely why you have to consider well, your….?

How far do you understand these aspects of marriage?

Marriage is about:

  • Cohabitation with your spouse and children.
  • Commitment to understand one person in different circumstances.
  • Accepting family of your spouse which may hold values and principles very different from yours.

Ask yourself why you want to get married?

Take the challenge of confronting your desires of relationship with the goals for your career, passions and how you want to lead your life.

If you understand that Companionship in life is important for you, marriage would provide the right bulwark of support.

You may also feel that having a Family would provide a deeper meaning to your pursuits in life. Marriage would indeed provide the happiness and warmth of spending your leisure times with your family.

What are your thoughts about a life-partner?

Give some honest time to yourself to think about a life partner, what kind of a person you think will be compatible with you. For example, would you like a homely person or an outgoing one; an independent professional or someone who would like travel with you and share your business responsibilities and so on.

If you are about to commit to a person for marital bonds,

  • Do not make any decision based on assumptions about the person.
  • Discuss each other’s wishes regarding children, sex and finance.
  • What are your ideas for a long-term relationship?
  • What are the things you can compromise for the sake of your family?
  • Discuss how do you visualize rest of your life with your life-partner?

When you have made a well-considered decision for your marriage, it should be the time for celebration.

Many couples and their families love to impress their guests with well-organized and elaborate arrangements of décor, food and nitty-gritties of the occasion. But take care that arranging for a grand wedding does not leave you strained. Sometimes, trying to meet too many commitments to impress others, leaves the couple exasperated with too many duties instead of making a smooth sail into a married life.