Unique and Interesting Wedding Gift Ideas

A wedding celebration is one of those glorious times when you are showered with too many gifts from relatives and friends. Traditionally, gifts have been the customary means for displaying love, affection, and good-will. Well, gifts need not always be expensive ones, a well-thought out gift or a gift that would be useful in current circumstances is always welcome.

A gift is what you will be remembered for after all the pomp and glamor of a wedding dinner. A thoughtful and loving gift always binds you closer to the couple and you are fondly remembered. The kind of gift you give also brings out your preferences and your ability to make good choicein a situation.


A gift for someone close to you: When you are getting a gift for someone you love dearly, you will be enthusiastic to see him or her burst out with joy seeing your gift. Buying gift for a close cousin, or friend could be enjoyable because you know so much about the person’s taste or likings and things that he or she may require in the days to follow.

A gift that will connect your loved oneto a happy past

  • You may create a digital photo album of your dear friend or cousinwith snaps of happy moments spent in the past. Arrange them in a sequence with music or song you both love in a digital photo-frame and present it to your dear one on his or her wedding.
  • You may create a CD with songs and dialogues of movies that you both would have enjoyed together. You may also record excerpts from books and add your own words to make it more enjoyable.

A gift that will help your loved one get over flaws in their nature or habits:

  • Your dear friend or cousin maybe impatient, restless, reserved or one who takes time to adjust to new people and places; you may show your concern with gift of a soft toy or wall hanging with certain words that will make him or her think of other alternate ways of life too. Even personalized coffee-mugs with certain pictures and words may serve the purpose. To a reserved person, you may present a gift with words like “It helps when you communicate open and free”, or “Few words from you can make all the difference” and so on.

A gift that will tell how special your loved one is to you:

  • Your dear friend or cousin might have loved something you possessed, buy him or hersame.
  • Arrange a vacation to a place you know he or she always wanted to visit.

A gift for your friend:When you are getting a gift for a friend, you would wish that the gift on such a special occasion strengthens your bond of friendship further.

  • A gift that reminds your friend about a common thing you both enjoy – a book, or a personally created collection of songs, or movies.
  • A gift that matches your friend’s outlook – a gift that reflects a traditional practice or custom, a statue or book or a piece of exhibit that appeals to spiritual mind. If your friend is interested in latest technologies, then a gadget or device to enjoy.
  • A gift that spreads happy message around – post a write-up in social media or make a video for friends who could not attend the celebration.

A gift for your colleague or business associates:When you are getting a gift for a colleague or business associate, a gift will create an impression how you evaluate his or her personality in office.

  • A gift that can be enjoyed by his or her spouse or family – Your colleague or business associate will feel good relating about you to his or her family, so you may gift a food processor, coffee-maker or furniture and home products. A gift coupon is a good idea too.
  • A gift that is a unique experience – A company sponsored vacation, or membership for a club or subscription for a magazine.

Though in such occasions gifts are mandatory, if you offer a helping hand in making arrangement for the final day it is always taken as a good gesture. Nothing is more important as being helpful to someone at such important times.