Marriage Charts- How important are they?

Marriage plays a very important role in a person`s life. However, many marriages fail to last long due to sudden death or divorce, due to lack of compatibility. Vedic Astrology lays great emphasis on matching the charts of a boy and a girl to find out their compatibility. So that they live happily together with understanding, love, affection and strong physical attraction.

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There are several ways to find out how couples are compatible with each other, and to find out where their harmony and points of friction occur. It is extremely important to have Compatibility analysis done by astrologers as it can reveal areas of harmony and conflict. They reveal valuable information about two people`s compatibility quotient.

A compatibility chart tells a lot about whether two people are suited for each other or not. Many couples break up due to lack of compatibility. So it becomes important to have relationship compatibility analyzed before marriage. There are ways in Vedic Astrology to assess the compatibility between two people for marriage.

Traditionally, Vedic Astrology uses the system called Kuta system which involves matching the Moons in the charts of the two people planning to marry and to see whether they are in general agreement with each other. Compatibility of the chart by analyzing the various areas of agreement between the couple helps them live happily in marriage.

Kuta is also called porutham or agreement. While considering a marriage alliance, it is the Hindu custom to match the charts of both boy and girl. It does not allow marriage to take place until the ten poruthams or kutas are studied and matched for the couple.

Ten poruthams or kutas are examined and a score out of 36 points is given. A score of 18 or higher is required for a problem free marriage. Otherwise, a score less than 18 would mean, the couple will not marry. Each kuta agreement is important and chart is prepared by taking into account the birth stars the boy and girl.

  • Dinam – This is considered very important for marriage. This agreement between the boy and girl denotes good health and prosperity.
  • Ganam - This kuta agreement is needed for happy life and well-being of the couple by analyzing the psychological temperaments of the nakshatras of the couple.
  • Yoni - This measures the sexual compatibility of the couple.
  • Rasi - This represents the compatibility of the birth stars of the couple and denotes health, prosperity, sorrow, poverty, children etc.
  • Vedha - There should be kuta agreement between the boy and girl for this to avoid impediments in marriage to have a prosperous and happy life. Vedha means affliction.
  • Vasya - Agreement of this kuta is a must for the couple to enjoy mutual love and affection and also possess strong physical attraction between the two.
  • Mahendra - This kuta is considered very important and should be in agreement to enjoy wealth, progeny and longevity.
  • Stree dheerga kuta- This kuta agreement indicates auspiciousness and longevity in couple.
  • Rasiyathipaty - This refers to the birth stars of the couple with their lords should be in friendship with each other for a compatible marriage. If not, the marriage will not last long.
  • Rajju - This indicates the longevity of marriage between the couple.

Marriage chart indicates the compatibility level of the couple. It has to be matched and checked for a happy marriage and also to avert wrong marriages.