Marriage Ceremonies – A Life Changing Journey

~ Anonymous “The family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity.”

Sacrament of Marriage

Marriage is a building of life long relationship with another human being of a different gender. It is but natural to long for a deep satisfying relationship with another that connects them on the dimensions of -physical, mental and spiritual.

We find great satisfaction when we find the right partner with whom we can share our joys, sorrows, happy, bad, sad feelings and experiences. Rather, it is a transformational experience for two when they enter into the sacred covenant of marriage. It is not a mere civil contract between two individuals; rather it is transcendent as it is the union of two souls.


Growth of two souls

It helps in the growth of two human beings in their journey of life. In the unfolding of life between two people, they need to understand the values of love and wisdom, before they embark on this journey. These values help them understand their differences, forgive their faults, understanding that discord in relationship is natural, but with the power of these values, they can always remain united, never to part. Marriage should be an affair to last and endure, it should not be viewed in the angle, that it can be broken easily.

Importance of family and children

Marriage is a vital institution that is central to rearing children and to teach them grow as responsible adults. When a man and woman are united in a deep committed relationship, they become capable to provide a loving, stable, nurturing atmosphere for their children to grow. A stable marital relationship is of enormous importance to children`s overall development.

Lifestyle Changes in Traditional Marriages

Traditional Marriages in India lay great emphasis on lifestyle changes in the woman`s life in particular. The bride steps into her husband`s home and considers it as her own.

She starts wearing a mangalsutra on her neck, a sindoor on her forehead, toe ring to show that she is married and is sari clad. She is mentally prepared to take on the chores of the new house that she has stepped into and works devotedly for the welfare of her husband`s family.

Traditions are deep rooted in their psyche and most women adhere many of these beliefs as they consider marital life as the most sacred and the husband is looked upon as God.

Fasting and Marriages

Fasting is commonly seen in traditional women for the welfare of their husbands on special days like karwa chauth in the northern parts of India. In the south, there are important days followed by women like fasting on Fridays, Gauri Vrat, Varalakshmi Vrat, Parvati Vrat for the welfare of their husbands.

Horoscopes and Marriages

As marriage is a life changing experience. Many in India believe in matching of horoscopes to get their children married happily. If the horoscope matches, it ensures happy life with good levels of compatibility between the couple.

If it does not match, marriages are spurned. It is considered inauspicious to match horoscopes that do not promise good results of marriage.

But as fate reigns supreme, many do get married without matching of horoscopes and some are lucky to have a happy life owing to their merits of past life. But if some suffer due to inharmonious and disturbing marital life, then they invariably seek solace in the counsel of a good astrologer.

A good astrologer studies the charts of the couple and gives them suitable remedies for planetary afflictions and if performed as suggested with faith, many do reap the rewards of a peaceful life.