Planning Your Wedding? Here is a Checklist

Now that you have agreed to walk down the aisle, you must be having too many thoughts in your mind about how to proceed. What should be given the top priority and what can be taken up at a later stage?

Well, here is a checklist for your things to do

Marriage checklist
  • 1. Date of wedding – The first and foremost thing is to finalize a date for the wedding. You may also consult an astrologer to find about the auspiciousness of the date you have finalized for beginning a new journey of life.
  • 2.Budget – After a date is set, the next most important thing is to determine if the wedding would be a grand affair or just a simple family get-together. This would be essential for preparing a budget for the wedding.
  • a) Make separate estimate of your expenses for the different services, for instance, food and catering, flower decoration, photography etc. This would be a like a subset of the main budget.
  • b) Maintain a separate file for entering details about all the expenses related to your wedding. You can also keep a dedicated bank account for it.
  • 3.Venue/Theme – Choice of wedding venue will be proportionate to your budget and the number of invitees. Think of a wedding theme that will whip up some fun and excitement for you and your guests. Make sure you book your wedding venue much in advance to save yourself of last minute chaos and confusion.
  • 4. Guest list - Prepare a draft of the people whom you want around you on your special day. You can start preparing this list as soon as the wedding is confirmed and keep adding names as when you remember.
  • 5. Catering – Depending upon the food and services you would like to have on your wedding, book caterers in advance. You can also make arrangements to taste the dishes they specialized in before hiring them.
  • a) Ask them if they will provide table, chair, tableware, alcohol, wait staff etc. and also the wedding cake.
  • b) The number of guests they have served in the past or if they have photos of their previous work displays.
  • 6. Book florist - Apprise them about your theme, your choice or color of flowers and listen to their ideas. A good floral decoration will pep up the look and mood of the day.
  • 7. Invitation of guests - Start sending invitations at least 2 to 3 months before the wedding so that your invitees have an option to schedule their other engagements accordingly.
  • 8. Wedding ring/dress and accessories, shoes – Make sure you have ample time in hand to try on different designs and customize the items according to your needs.
  • 9. Book make - up artists/photographers beforehand - Your looks on the wedding day should bring out the best in you, more importantly because it will remain captured forever. Your make-up artist will also tell you about the daily regime you need to follow to get a sparkling look on your big day.
  • 10. Make arrangements for accommodation and transportation of your out-of-town wedding guests.

Legal Requirements

Be aware of the legal requirements in your state/country, pertaining to marriage. Make sure you and your would-be spouse have fulfilled the prerequisites before the wedding.