6 Best Relationship Tips for Newly-Wed Couples

A newlywed couple epitomizes the love between a man and a woman – the phenomenon that according to religions is the seed of creativity. Hence, for the newlywed, the mantra with which they should venture into their marital life is just, LOVE.

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The mantra of Love: Love that is unbound and all-consuming possesses immense strength to nullify all the flaws that one may find in the other and the faults that keep creating the emotional crevices between couples. It is the intensity of love that makes life enter the fairy tale phase and believe it or not, the memories of these days of happiness keep travelling with you, meandering through different phases of life, even when your children, relatives, friends and profession hardly allows you to spare time for a romantic togetherness.

Here are some guidelines of happiness laid down by wise couples:

Talking out small matters: At any point of time, if you doubt your spouse for his or her intentions or any activity, open up and talk it out. Do not let your suspicion pile up before you burst out emotionally talking to your partner. Too much of emotional entanglement regarding any issue may only complicate a situation. And do not let small things or past incidences of your partner bother you and spoil your new relationship.

Allow enough space between each other: Though you have plunged into a serious relationship, do not expect your partner to give up his habits or change immediately. It is good to keep enjoying some exclusive time individually pursuing hobbies and activities of personal interests. It contributes towards healthy exchange of ideas and discussions.

Accept your partner with flaws: Suppose you are sitting by a stream, and you bend down to smash the water with your fist, does it affect the flow of the water? Not at all! The flow of your marital life should pass unhindered by each other’s flaws. It’s all about broadening your horizon and accepting another being into your life, just beside you.

Show appreciation of having your partner in your life: With the growing years of your marital life, you are sure to get more involved in your increasing responsibilities. What matters are the acts of kindness, adjustment and compromises that you sprinkle all over your relationship. Never restrain from telling your partner that you value your relationship above all the short-comings. Make a start from the very first day!

Commit to doing pleasurable things together: Being imaginative in springing surprises, taking part in fun loving activities, positively assessing situations can add lot of good vibes into your relationship. Going out together to theatres, concerts, fair or parties, eating out, going on a vacation can help you relax, savour each other’s company with a lighter mood and relish intimacy to talk your heart out even about silly matters. From the start, try to enjoy certain moments when two of you can just laugh at anything – peculiarities in situations as well as those in yourselves.

Make your partner feel special: At home or among friends and relatives always make your partner feel special. Let your spouse also know whenever you remember him or her, call him or her, or send messages. Buy small gifts, arrange for sudden dates and so on. Keep up the enthusiasm for having a good relationship.

Statues or paintings of couples absorbed in a dreamy world of their love are ideal mementos to remind you of beautiful moments. In India, it is common to gift statues of Radha-Krishna, Parvathi-Shiva, Laksmi-Vishnu as mementos of love and prosperity. Never give up on reviving those beautiful moments time and again!