Beauty Tips

beauty tips

Marriage is a vibrant celebration with cameras clicking and hundreds gathered to cheer you. Your glowing presence at the occasion will throw confetti of joy in the air and the moments will be captured forever in the pictures and memories of everyone gathered to bless you. So, put your best self forward on the day!

When preparing yourself for the most important day of your life take the steps to shine with warmth and radiance, and make it a glittering and memorable occasion.

Our efforts do not end with finding the right match for you. We stand next to you as an all-round solution provider - gear you up and make you look the best for the occasion, and then even suggest ways to keep your married life happy and exciting.

3 Best Egg Masks to Give You the Perfect Skin

egg masks for perfect skin

Did you know that using egg masks can make your facial skin look beautiful and make it feel very soft? Egg masks when used regularly can impart a nice glow to your face and can even help reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Top 5 Tricks to Lose Weight Post Marriage

Tricks to Lose Weight

You would have had the best possible shape before you tied the knot! However, important things like your diet or lack of time for yourself or many others could have changed post marriage and sooner than you realized you would have gained a lot of weight.

Combating Oily Skin on the Wedding Day

Combating oily skin

Taking care of your oily skin is definitely not an easy task! This becomes all the more important when you need to manage your skin and look perfect on the day of your wedding. Let this thought not stress you out!

Simple Homemade Recipes for Brides to be to Look Gorgeous

Simple Home Made Receipes

Want to look stunning from head to toe on your marriage day? To feel and actually look great you need to start working on yourself days before your Big day! Here are some easy practices for miraculous results.

Top 6 Vitamins for Long, Shining, Beautiful Hair

Top 6 Vitamins for Long

All dermatologists and beauty experts offer this piece of advice to girls – “Whenever you apply makeup on your face for any occasion, remember to remove it after you return home”.

7 Best Natural Makeup Removers

Natural Makeup

All dermatologists and beauty experts offer this piece of advice to girls – “Whenever you apply makeup on your face for any occasion, remember to remove it after you return home”.

Bridal Tips to Look Stunning on the Wedding Day

bride tips

Any Bride- to- be would be passionate to look the best on the special day of wedding. One does not have to wear a lot of products to look stunning on the wedding day.

Life Changing Beauty Tips


Outer beauty according to Ayurveda is a reflection of good health. This includes healthy eating habits, good digestion and lifestyle. A radiant, fair glowing complexion begins with proper diet and care.

Tips to Lose Weight after Marriage


The month of your marriage is definitely the time to let yourself give into all kinds of indulgences, and sail in a delightful party-mood. Going out for purchases, hanging around and partying with friends, enjoying dinner-outs with your partner…and all your self-imposed discipline for being healthy goes for a toss.

Your Wedding Day Beauty Kit


The whole month before your wedding, you had been pampering yourself shopping and taking care of your looks. But that seem to have hastened away very fast when you are just a day away from the day of your wedding.

Pre-Wedding Tips for Brides


After the date of wedding is fixed, your clock starts ticking louder than before; the days of the calendar appear to be swept away in a cyclone. So many decisions to be made, so many arrangements to be done, and first of all practical estimates…though excited about the final day, you will be also worried about everything leading to the wedding day.

How To Look Gorgeous On Your Wedding Day

Make Gorgeous on Wedding Day

The butterfly in your heart makes you restless. You are worried about that final day – how things will turn up, how your presence will make a difference, whether your partner too will enjoy the occasion like you, and many other questions keep fluttering in your mind. Here are some tips for that special YOU on your very special Day.