Combating Oily Skin on the Wedding Day

Taking care of your oily skin is definitely not an easy task! This becomes all the more important when you need to manage your skin and look perfect on the day of your wedding. Let this thought not stress you out!

We are going to give you some quick fix tips on how you can keep your skin oil free through the day and leave everyone spellbound by your truly amazing looks. Use these tips and for sure you will look and feel great and have amazing photographs to cherish all your life with no signs of you having oily skin!

Combating oily skin

Tip 1: A mild soap is a boon in disguise

Wash your face well with a very mild soap so that the skin feels good. A mild soap is definitely going to be nice on your skin and can help you fight oiliness for a long time.

It is recommended to wash your face well and as often as you can before or during the wedding to help prevent your skin becoming oily.

Tip 2: Use a clay or mud pack on your D day

Multani mitti or fuller’s earth works best on oily skin. You can make a face pack with fuller’s earth and rose water and keep it for about 15 minutes and wash it off.

This process will absorb all the extra oil and dust from your skin and help keep it clean to give a nice look on your wedding day.

Tip 3: Use oil free makeup for best results

The makeup you use on the day of the wedding can be miraculously good for you, if you pick the right one! Talk to your beautician and let him/her know of your skin type. There are many oil free makeup kits available in the market.

These makeup items can help keep your skin glowing and radiant through the day. It will not fade away even if you sweat a lot!

Tip 4: A light moisturiser is good for your skin

If you thought that a moisturiser is bad for your oil skin, you might want to think again! A light and oil free moisturiser when combined with an oil-free sunscreen lotion protects your skin to the best possible extent. The sunscreen lotion can be avoided if you are not going to step out in the Sun throughout the wedding time.

It prevents the extra production of oil and keeps your face radiant for a good amount of time! So go ahead and apply some of it to manage the oiliness!

Tip 5: Blotting paper can come to your rescue

This is a total lifesaver on your wedding day! Carry some blotting papers with you when you are going to take center stage. If you feel that your skin is becoming oily, you can instantly dab your face with a blotting paper and it will take away all the oil.

Do not worry; it will leave the makeup intact! These are miraculously working papers that can make you look stunning on your wedding day!

Managing your oily skin on the wedding day does sound a lot simpler now, doesn’t it? Make the best of all these items available to you and keep the glow on right from the start of the day until the end of it. These tips will for sure make you an eye catcher on the best day of your life!