Tips to Lose Weight after Marriage

The month of your marriage is definitely the time to let yourself give into all kinds of indulgences, and sail in a delightful party-mood. Going out for purchases, hanging around and partying with friends, enjoying dinner-outs with your partner…and all your self-imposed discipline for being healthy goes for a toss. Excess and delicious eating such as cakes, ice-creams, fatty snacks are surely for such rejoicing at the grand occasion. But it is also the sin of eating the spicy and high calorie food on your marriage day and on the days running up to your wedding!


Frankly speaking, going carefree during such important occasions of your life is quite natural. It helps you to relax.

How to begin your weight-loss regime?

After your wedding ceremony, when you are a week or so into your wedding, you may start feeling that it’s time to get off the roller-coaster ride. And it is time to gear up for a fitness routine that would prepare you to take-on the regular busy schedules of the day.

Consult an expert to know your body-type:

Take up the weight-loss regime only when you are convinced about the changes you want to incorporate in your life. But once you are convinced, take the plunge!

To know what kind of weight-loss program will be effective for you, consult a fitness consultant or a dietician. Understanding your body type is very important! An expert will advise on the type of food and exercise regime that will suit you.

Detoxifying your body:

After all that eating, drinking and merry making, you need to cleanse your body of all the excess that has turned toxin. These toxins begin to threaten you at a point of time – make you feel fatigued, upset your digestion and of course become the major reason for that extra fat in your body. Detox will make your weight-loss regime very effective.

Few ways to detox are:

  • Fasting for a day or two is the common way known.
  • Being on fruit or vegetable juice diet for a day or two.
  • Getting into a regular routine of yoga and breathing exercises.
  • After you have detoxified your body, get on to a no-fat diet.

Watch out what you eat:

The foremost rule for weight-loss diet is to resist your temptations or stop eating in-between your meals. The measures you can follow:

  • Drink plenty of water to reduce your craving for food.
  • Drink green-tea or lemon water instead of snacks.
  • Include fiber-rich food items for diet.
  • In cooked food, do not use more than one table spoon of oil for the whole day.

A steady and sustained exercise regime:

You need not begin with a sudden thrust of heavy exercise regime. Gradually increase the intensity of exercises. But for losing weight you need to exercise as well as control your diet. And above all you should enjoy the change and implement the change with mindfulness. Feel energetic and youthful. Mind also plays an important role in inspiring you for a sustained change.