Top 6 Vitamins for Long, Shining, Beautiful Hair

Long, shiny and absolutely beautiful looking hair is the dream of every girl! There are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that your hair looks and feels real good at all times. Nourishing your hair and taking very good care of it is the most essential thing if you are working toward having long black healthy hair. Vitamins play a very vital role in helping you get absolutely lovely looking locks.

Here are some of the most essential vitamins that can do wonders to your hair-


Vitamin A: For black and shiny hair

If you want your hair to be black and healthy and at the same time look shiny then you should add Vitamin A to your diet. Vitamin A helps your hair become healthy from its roots. This vitamin contains anti-oxidants and hence your scalp would never ever become dry. The much-needed moisture is locked within the hair, making it feel and look good from the root to the tip.

  • Veggies rich in Vitamin A: Carrot and sweet potato. Green leafy vegetables are the best sources of this vitamin!
  • Fruits rich in Vitamin A: Mango and dried apricot.
  • Dairy products rich in Vitamin A: Milk.
  • For all non-vegetarian food lovers: Tuna and egg yolk.

Vitamin B: Hair growth guaranteed

If you have problems with hair growth, then Vitamin B will help you cure it. Lovely long hair is no more just a dream after all! Vitamin B helps in fighting stress caused to the hair due to pollution and other factors and helps improve its quality. Vitamin B7, B12 and folic acid, from the Vitamin B family, are the very important for hair growth.

  • Veggies rich in Vitamin B7: Cauliflower.
  • Fruits rich in Vitamin B7: Banana, raspberry, walnut and almond.
  • Dairy products rich in Vitamin A: Milk.
  • Dairy products rich in Vitamin B7: Eggs.

Food rich in Vitamin B12: Whey powder, eggs, milk, cheese and yoghurt.

Food rich in Folic Acid: Cereals and whole wheat grain.

Vitamin C: To keep your hair in good shape

One of the best qualities of Vitamin C is that

  • Veggies rich in Vitamin C: Broccoli, green leafy vegetables, peas, lemon and bell pepper
  • Fruits rich in Vitamin C: Papaya, mandarin and kiwi.

Vitamin D: For sure shot hair fall control

Hair fall is becoming a huge problem among most people now-a-days. Even before you think you of working on hair growth, you first need to work on preventing or reducing hair fall. Hair loss is best controlled by this miracle vitamin. It works at a cell level and helps reduce and eventually eradicate hair fall. It even helps with building a new hair shaft so that hair growth happens at a rapid pace.

  • Veggies rich in Vitamin D: Mushroom.
  • Dairy products rich in Vitamin D: Tofu and soy milk
  • For all non-vegetarian food lovers: Fish, salami, ham and sausages

Vitamin E: The best hair vitamin ever

It is the most critical and best hair vitamin available. No other vitamin works so well on your hair like Vitamin E does! If you wish to have the best quality hair and a good volume then you should consume foods that are rich in Vitamin E. The reasons why this vitamin is so good for the hair are that it promotes blood circulation, helps in maintaining a healthy scalp and takes care of hair roughness problems.

  • Veggies rich in Vitamin E: Boiled spinach, seeds of sunflower and dry herbs.
  • Fruits rich in Vitamin E: Avocado.
  • Dairy products rich in Vitamin E: Tofu.
  • For all non-vegetarian food lovers: Fish.

Go ahead and indulge in food containing one or many of these vitamins and see the difference for yourself. Starting work on your tresses now so that your hair looks and remains absolutely stunning and you can very happily flaunt them to one and all!