Pre-Wedding Tips for Brides

After the date of wedding is fixed, your clock starts ticking louder than before; the days of the calendar appear to be swept away in a cyclone. So many decisions to be made, so many arrangements to be done, and first of all practical estimates…though excited about the final day, you will be also worried about everything leading to the wedding day.


Aren’t you supposed to be enjoying and relaxing before the responsibilities of new life hits you on the face? Remember taking good care of yourself, soothing your mind and pampering your body will prepare you much better for the wedding day and the days following it.

Preparing for the wedding day:

Creating a ‘things to do’ list: Listing the jobs to be done in the run-up to the wedding will help you to be organized and well composed in your preparations.

Here is a list of things to do:

  • Prepare the list of guests to be invited
  • Order the invitation cards
  • Choose the décor of the venue
  • Choose your wedding dress
  • Select the jewelry
  • Talk to the photographer

If you find the list incomplete, then keep adding your requirements, as and when new ideas strike you.

Proper Planning: Proper planning and delegation of works to your friends and relatives can prove very helpful. Everyone’s involvement in gearing up for the wedding day will help you enjoy good time with your near and dear ones. And this would save you all the tensions and worries that may leave you exhausted before the wedding day.

Beauty preparations: Decide on how you would like to present yourself to the groom and the guests on your wedding day. The bride certainly takes the center-stage. She is the topic of discussion in most of the marriages. So your attire, make-up and demeanor will create a good impression on them. It would be wonderful, if you can make them feel warm and invited too.

Make a separate list of what you need to attend to:

  • Meet your beautician.
  • Daily routine for taking care of your skin
  • Practices to relax your mind

How can your beautician help you? You must talk to a beautician or a skin specialist who can advise you about the care you should take for your skin like how many hours of sleep you need, how to keep yourself hydrated, how to get an effulgent look, how to get into a better body-shape and so on. It is important to take an expert opinion about the kind of hair-do that will suit you and the dress that will accentuate your beauty.

Does a glow in your skin matter? Go for beauty treatments and body massage. All these will help you become well groomed for the special day. The glow on your skin should complement the happy occasion and your gorgeous attire. Follow a good healthy diet to rejuvenate your body with renewed energy.

Why you should approach marriage with a relaxed mind?

Your marriage is a big change in your life. A happy and energetic mind can help you stay emotionally stable. On the other hand, for a tired and confused state of mind additional responsibilities may appear unnecessarily burdensome. Apart from the arrangements and choices you need to make for your wedding day, you also have to make major shift in your life and select priorities of your life after the wedding day. So relax your mind and body by adding lot of laughter and fun in your life. Listen to good music or indulge in your hobbies.

A conscious and mindful effort to organize yourself and preparing yourself well for things to come will always keep you in good stead.