How to Look Gorgeous on Your Wedding day

Your wedding day is very special – after long days of serious consideration you decided to bond permanently with your life-partner, your life would change forever thereafter, and guests at your wedding will gather to sanctify you to be initiated into your new life. For such an important day, won’t you prepare well in advance!

It’s the day for you to walk the earth adorned like a queen or a king, regale with joy and surround yourself with all that spreads good vibes around you. Your wonderful mood will initiate the good beginning of the next stage of your life.

Gorgeous on Your Wedding Day

You will perhaps not have another day, when so many near and dear ones will gather around you to cheer you and enjoy an occasion just for you. So lift the mood of the day with your happy presence even if it needs lot of preparation on your part:

Your Dress, Hair-style and colour scheme for the day: Choose a colour and design of your attire that makes you feel confident and special, instead of trying out outrageous bold colours and heavy designs. The colour of your attire should complement the dress of your partner and make sure your accessories complement your wedding attire

For the glowing and radiant look:

  • With a fortnight to go for your wedding day, get into the rituals of making your skin look healthy bright. Be regular on the process of cleansing your skin and hydrating it with moisture and lotions. Keep drinking plenty of water to flush out toxins from your body.
  • Make sure your skin is blemish free. Be careful in handling your skin. If there are any cuts or blemish, consult a make-up expert to camouflage them.
  • Select a perfume that will soothe you and set a mood for you to enjoy.
  • Select and fix your make-up expert much ahead of the day and get a test run.
  • Wear long-lasting make-up for long hours of the wedding day.
  • A few days before wedding, avoid food that will increase inflammation in the body. Eat fresh food with lot of veggies and fruits.
  • Try to get a good routine of sleep atleast a week before your wedding. On the final Day, sleep well, pamper yourself with a long relaxing bath, soothing music or even go for an oil message.
  • Ensure that you brighten up your smile by maintaining clean, stain-free white teeth.
  • Keep yourself looking fresh by taking natural electrolytes like coconut water, fruit juices, and green tea.

Your bearing on the day: Your self-confidence on the day will make the event stand out. Try to stay calm and relaxed. Consciously build a positive image about yourself over a period and grab the show on the final day. If you want to change anything in your appearance, get yourself started in making the change, maybe a different hair style, toning your skin, rectifying teeth alignment and on.

And then, throw yourself into rapture, welcome your guests with a hearty smile and present yourself for a good session with the photographer to capture the golden moments forever!