7 Best Natural Makeup Removers

All dermatologists and beauty experts offer this piece of advice to girls – “Whenever you apply makeup on your face for any occasion, remember to remove it after you return home”.

Occasions like weddings, birthday parties or any other celebrations that require your well-groomed presence and wearing of a good makeup, follow up with the ritual of removing the same with natural products.

Natural Makeup

Natural products leave a healthy glow to the skin. They cleanse the skin, leave it hydrated, moisturized and do not remove the essential oils of the skin that most non-natural makeup remover products do. They are free of toxins and harsh chemicals that give redness and allergic reactions to the skin.

Homemade Natural Makeup Removers


During the days of wedding or any period of festivity, when the face is donned with foundation, mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, concealer, the best way to remove it, is by using milk.

Dip a ball of cotton in cold milk and dab it on the face. Make circular movements around the areas of the eyes. Then wipe your face with soft cotton. Milk is one of the best natural ingredients available to remove makeup. This process should be done to a count of three to four times to completely remove the residues of makeup.

Milk moisturizes the skin, makes it supple and keeps the face fresh and glowing even after removing the makeup.

To remove the stubborn makeup in the areas around the eyes, you may add a few drops of coconut oil to milk for effective results.


Another natural makeup remover that one can use is cucumber. Peel and puree the cucumber along with few drops of olive oil and store it the refrigerator.

On the days of removing makeup, simply use the paste of cool cucumber on the face. It does wonders to remove the heavy makeup in an amazingly easy manner. The face glows when this mixture is applied to the skin.

Coconut Oil

It is wonderful ingredient that works effectively in removing the most resistant waterproof makeups quite easily. This natural cleansing oil acts as a lip balm too.

Gently apply warm oil on the face to remove the heavy makeup. After wiping off makeup from the face, apply honey to remove the oiliness and wash the face well. Face becomes clear and radiant.

Curd or Yoghurt

This ingredient is commonly found in the kitchen. Just dip cotton balls in curd and apply it on the face in circular motion. Then rinse it with cold water. This nourishes and replenishes the skin with essential nutrients.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a cooling agent made up of 95% water with plenty of amino acids and vitamins. Take the gel of Aloe and mix jojoba oil in it. Blend them together in a mixer and store it in the refrigerator.

It provides a soothing and moisturizing effect on the skin when applied to remove the stubborn eyeliners, blushes and waterproof eyeliners.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a very effective ingredient to remove stubborn makeup and has anti-ageing properties in it. It massages and nourishes the skin from within giving it a natural glow.

Rose Water

Take fresh petals of rose and soak them in water for some time. Once the essence of the flowers along with its fragrance has been absorbed into the water, collect the rose water by removing the petals from it. To this, add a few almond oil drops. Store it in the refrigerator.

To remove makeup, take cotton balls and soak them in the cold rose water and apply it on the face gently. It removes the makeup and leaves the face refreshed, hydrated, and with a radiant glow.