Top 5 Tricks to Lose Weight Post Marriage

You would have had the best possible shape before you tied the knot! However, important things like your diet or lack of time for yourself or many others could have changed post marriage and sooner than you realized you would have gained a lot of weight.

Now the question is what can you do post marriage to lose all those extra pounds? Here we give you 5 ways in which you and your spouse can remain fit and fine even after being married for years. These tips will help you stay fit and fine at all times and at the same time not miss each other’s company!


1st Trick: Go to the gym at a mutually convenient time

This is one of the easiest ways to lose weight and spend time with your spouse at once! You can pick a unisex gym and head there to work out with him/her at a time that works for both of you. This way you can make sure that you both lose all that extra flab and at the same time spend time with each other. You could alternately jog by the beach or go for a brisk walk every morning.

2nd Trick: Discover a game of mutual interest and practice it regularly

Your loved one and you might have interest in some sport. Be it badminton, shuttle or squash, pick any one of your choice and play as often as you can so that you burn all the extra calories. This is a good way to keep yourself encouraged to play a game that you like, to stay fit and to spend time with your partner.

3rd Trick: Cook together and promise to eat healthy always

During weekends or when you have a holiday make sure that your spouse and you do the cooking together. Be sure to put in a lot of fruits and vegetables into each dish that you prepare.

You can include a lot of salads in your diet that are healthy and hence can make you shed weight quickly. By doing this activity together you can be sure that you are eating good homemade food at the cost of having a great weekend together!

4th Trick: Do not force leftovers into yourself at any cost

Be sure to cook in the right and just sufficient quantities. Do not cook way too much or in excess of what you can consume. The worst effect of this would be overeating.

You tend to overeat because the food that is lying inside the fridge is too tempting or if you fear that it might get wasted. Cooking in right quantities will make sure that you do not binge-eat leftovers.

5th Trick: Stick to the diet you followed before marriage

You tend to change the kind of food you eat, the time at which you eat and the intervals at which you eat right after the marriage since you have moved into a new household.

This is not advisable, especially if you had a healthy and regular eating pattern pre wedding! Try and work on inculcating your healthy eating practice into your spouse’s lifestyle, this will ensure good health for both of you.

Losing weight post wedding may not be easy. However, by eating healthy and by doing physical exercises you can get into your beautiful shape soon.