Post Marriage


Just as Nature of your spouse, his or her attitude towards life, and behavior in the face of problems are likely to be very different form yours. His or her hobbies, likes and dislikes may also vary from you – these differences bring about frictions in relationship that creates confusion in understanding the ways of your partner. Astrology can tell about the energies your partner will bring in your life and how you both can enjoy time, have children, acquire wealth, manage career and so on.

Marriage reconciliation

Steps to marriage reconciliation

When two partners fail to see each other`s point of view and decide that they do not share any levels of compatibility, then they decide to separate or take a divorce.

Healthier spousal relationship

Top 5 Dos for a Healthier Spousal Relationship

Do you wish to have a healthier and more interesting relationship with your better half? Well, almost all of us would love having one of the best relationships with our partner. However, the question is that how many of us are ready to invest our time and efforts on it and make the relationship absolutely delightful.

Attitude harm a marriage

Top 6 Attitudes Which Harm a Marriage

Do you wish to have a happy and peaceful married life? As much as it is important to know what are those things that you must and should do for your spouse to have a good relationship

Celebrating Wedding anniversary

Celebrating 1st Wedding Anniversary in Style

It has been one full year since you have been married and today is the day on which you tied the nuptial knot with your spouse.

Rekindle your relationship

Rekindle “Honeymoon Phase” of Your Relationship

Do you think love and intimacy is dying in your relationship with your spouse? If you just said ‘Yes’ then it is high time that you look for ways to rekindle the honeymoon phase so that you can be with each other like before and find ways to enhance the relationship.

Overcoming Kundali Doshas

Overcoming Kundali Doshas after Marriage

Have you just got married and feel that though all seems good from outside there is something which is not very right? It could be unnecessary fights between you and your spouse or with some other family member or an untoward incident happening in the house

surprises after wedding

5 Surprises You Get After a Wedding

Life is for sure going to be different in ways more than one after tying the knot, is something almost all of us know and accept. However, what we might overlook is that certain very basic things change which tend to make a very huge difference to life in general.

common wedding problems

6 Common Wedding Troubles that can Irk You

Once you are married, your life witnesses a lot of changes. Things would be all rosy and nice like a dream come true in the early years of your marriage.

problems for newlyweds

Top 5 Problems Faced by Newly Weds

Are you still considering whether to commit yourself to a long-lasting relationship or not? Here are a few questions you can ask to check the preparedness of your mind.