5 Surprises You Get After a Wedding

Life is for sure going to be different in ways more than one after tying the knot, is something almost all of us know and accept. However, what we might overlook is that certain very basic things change which tend to make a very huge difference to life in general. Are you in for these little yet big surprises? We tell you 5 of the most common things that can change in your life after you get into wedlock. Know them well & understand why they even exist and figure out how you can gracefully deal with it.

Surprise 1:

You cannot for sure be just the way you used to be! You now share your room with your spouse and having his/her thoughts and ideas on how to keep the room also need to be considered. Do not get worked up! Try and work on how you can manage things that will keep both of you happy and content! Give each other the time and space to settle down in the room together and life will be easier than you thought.

surprises after wedding

Surprise 2:

Living with the parents can become a little too troublesome for the partner. Help the partner to adjust with the fact that things will be fine sooner or later. Ask the parents to adjust a bit so that the partner does not feel left out or outnumbered. Make your spouse feel that he/she is also an essential part of this family and will be loved as much as all the other members!

Surprise 3:

Fights might become a very common thing. In the process of change you might end up getting stressed out and might show this frustration to your spouse. This could lead to fights and arguments. This is very common among new couples and needs to be dealt with in the right spirit. Give time to understand what is bothering the spouse and he/she for sure will notice and co-operate in your efforts to set things right.

Surprise 4:

You would want appreciation or being thanked for things that you do, but he/she just ignores it. This is one of the most common things that can lead to misunderstandings in a couple. The spouse might get you a dress or clean up the room or make a very special dinner just for you. However, if this is not appreciated it might be taken wrong.

Surprise 5:

Last but not the least you feel irritated when your partner tells you how or what to do. There are many instances when you and your spouse will do things differently. Be it about the clothes you wear, the evenings you like to enjoy, the places you want to visit or the hobbies and holidays you take. There can be a huge contrast in such things. This needs to be very carefully worked out so that the likes of both are given equal importance.

Marriage for sure is a complete give and take relationship and what is more important is that before you take from your partner you learn to give! You will notice that the more you give, the more you would get in return. Make peace not war with the person who is going to be by your side for the rest of your life! This attitude will make the situation better and the wedding very happy and blissful for both.