Top 6 Attitudes Which Harm a Marriage

Do you wish to have a happy and peaceful married life? As much as it is important to know what are those things that you must and should do for your spouse to have a good relationship; it is equally or probably more important to know what not to say or do!

There are certain things that a person does or says knowingly or unknowingly, which can annoy or distance their partner from them. Below are the top 6 attitudes that can disturb or distance your partner from you.

attitudes harm your wedding

It’s all about ‘Me’ and not ‘We’

Even after your marriage if you keep insisting on the ‘me’ factor it will do a lot of harm to the bonding between you and your spouse. Habits like keeping the partner away from decisions that require mutual agreement or you being very adamant about certain things can affect the relationship.

I don’t plan to change or quit my bad habits

You have certain bad or annoying habits that your partner might want you to change. However, you feel that he/she cannot be right on this and just don’t budge or even take him/her seriously when they talk about it. You might even choose to ignore or give a deaf ear to what your spouse has to say.

I can do things for you, but not your entire family

You are now married and are willing to go out of your way to do things for him/her. However, you do this only for that person and not for his/her family members. You don’t treat the family well or just don’t do anything which could make them feel good or just ignore them all the time!

Anyone can interfere and counsel us during a tiff

You feel the need to have a third person to counsel you and your spouse whenever you have a fight. This means that you completely confide in that person about the personal life between you both. This is not a great thing to do and can upset him/her since your private life is out in the public now.

I won’t be able to appreciate you always

There are so many nice things that you saw in him/her before you tied the knot. Now that you are in a relationship, you should not stop saying nice things to him/her or appreciating the little things your better half does for you or even complimenting on the physical appearance. When your spouse feels ignored, it can disturb the harmony in the entire household.

I cannot forget and forgive all the time

When you are in love there will be fights and this is something which will upset both of you. However, if you have a ‘cannot forgive and forget attitude’ then this can lead to worse things that you can ever imagine. If you keep telling yourself why should I be the one who is forgiving or why should I forget all the time, then it can damage your bonding to irreparable levels!

Not adjusting with your spouse can damage the relationship and create a weird and disturbing situation for all at home. Most of all it affects other areas of your life as well. Try and avoid the above killers and you for sure will notice a much better and friendlier love life and be happy and satisfied all the time with your relationship.