Overcoming Kundali Doshas after Marriage

Have you just got married and feel that though all seems good from outside there is something which is not very right? It could be unnecessary fights between you and your spouse or with some other family member or an untoward incident happening in the house.

What you need to know here is that there could be a Kundali Dosha which is making all this happen. Here are some very common Kundali doshas and how you can fix them to make peace in spousal relationships in particular and life in general.

Kundali Doshas

Types of Kundali Doshas

Though there are way too many Kundali doshas that one can speak of, we give you 3 of the most common ones that could be harming your life.

  • Manglik/Kuja Dosha
  • Kala Sarpa Dosha
  • Pitra Dosha

Some of the other types of dosha include Maatru/bhaatra dosha, Shani dosha, Brahman dosha, Nadi dosha and Navagraha dosha.

Manglik/Kuja Dosha Remedies:

Manglik dosha can harm couples a lot. It can lead to separation or divorce or even death of one of the partners, if not solved on time. Few remedies for this dosha have been discussed below in detail.

  • Fasting for Lord Mars on Tuesdays without consuming anything except toor dal (split pigeon peas) is one of the most effective remedies.
  • Giving away things like red silk or red dal (pulse) in charity is also a very good way to reduce the ill effects of Mars. Red is associated with Mars and so is the day Tuesday.
  • Visiting Navagraha or Lord Shiva temples will also help a lot. Taking part in poojas and chanting mantras everyday is good too. Chanting the Gayatri mantra (108 or 1008 times) or reading verses from the Hanuman chalisa helps find relief.
  • Having a red coral stone on your finger ring is also one remedy for people suffering from Kuja dosha.
  • Consuming food that is not at all spicy will also help those suffering from this dosha.

Kala Sarpa Dosha Remedies:

Kala Sarpa dosha is particularly very harmful and pain causing and hence finding a remedy for it and acting as per it at the soonest is very essential.

  • One of the simplest yet most effective remedies to reduce the effects of this dosha is to recite the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra every day. Reciting Goddess Durga’s mantras also benefits a lot.
  • Another way will be to install the statue or form of a snake in a temple, so that Rahu and Ketu who are primarily responsible for this dosha are pleased.
  • A good and quick remedy would be to conduct a Rahu-Ketu pooja. You can even conduct a nivaaran pooja at some of the vortexes in India for fast results.

Pitra Dosha Remedies:

Worshiping or respecting your elders comes first according to the Puranas. However, if you or your ancestors have failed to do this then Pitra dosha might affect you.

  • Offering tarpanam to your deceased ancestors is considered to be one of the nicest ways to respect them.
  • Another way will be to donate food or clothes to people in need or to feed hungry animals on the day some elderly person died in the family. This day could even be the person’s death anniversary.
  • If you are not sure of the date then you can do the same act of generosity on Amavasya day.
  • Apart from this what is most important and yet very easy is to respect the elders who are in your life right now. Seeking their blessings will prove very beneficial and keep you away from trouble.

Given above are some of the most common forms of dosha that a person or couple can experience. Reciting Ganesha mantras are also effective for all these doshas since He is the God who removes all obstacles. Ill effects of all these can for sure be reduced by doing the right rituals and being honest and sincere in your approach toward it.