Rekindle “Honeymoon Phase” of Your Relationship

Do you think love and intimacy is dying in your relationship with your spouse? If you just said ‘Yes’ then it is high time that you look for ways to rekindle the honeymoon phase so that you can be with each other like before and find ways to enhance the relationship.

Get back the missing spark in your relationship so that your loved one and you love each other’s company! We help you discover some ways in which you can reignite the spark and are attracted to each other all the more.


Are you more than just a spouse?

Being a friend is probably as important as being a spouse to your better half. Your spouse should be able to spend time just talking or listening to you and be able to share all problems with you without any hesitation.

You should be able to give him/her the comfort that the person can confide in you whenever he/she feels low. This will make him/her feel much loved and can help bring back the honeymoon days and romance into your life.

Do you still give little surprises?

You need to keep the romance going and the best thing to do would be to give your spouse little yet fond surprises now and then. It could be in the form of post-it notes that you leave in different parts of the home!

You could even get a good gift or take him/her out for a movie one fine day or anything that you think can bring a smile to the face. By doing this, you too would feel good from within and the sparks you thought were lost would be back in no time!

Do you relive your dating days?

Remember those days when you were totally into each other and would spend all your free time with just him/her. There were times when you used to party like crazy and spend hours together sitting and telling each other stories about what you did when you were not together and how you missed each other so badly.

You should try and relive all these moments so that your partner feels that the love still exists within you and is growing with time though you probably don’t express it so often.

Do you have your “We” time?

This is one of the most important things to bring back the long lost intimacy in a couple! You need to have some ‘Just you and me’ moments with each other. Take out time from being with family, friends and even your kids and spend time just with each other.

This ‘We’ time is really important to make the person feel totally calm and relaxed and think of nothing, but just the two of you. This will even remind your spouse that you need some private time to talk and romance with each other and forget the rest of the world, even if it is for few hours!

Tend to get creative during love making?

This is an aspect which most couples tend to neglect. Being physically intimate and involving in love making is as important now as it was during the early years of marriage. It brings you closer in terms of sharing things with each other, builds a better bond and makes you feel loved and wanted.

Get creative with the way you indulge in this art. You could probably dress in clothes in which they always wanted to see you or come up with new and innovative ideas in which you can physically indulge with each other. Sooner or later you will realize that is doing a lot good to your relationship than you thought it would!

The honeymoon phase in your life will and can last in your life as long as you want it to, provided you make efforts for it. You will notice that your love for each other will last forever if you make the efforts for it and are ready to give other the time and priority in life.