6 Common Wedding Troubles that can Irk You

Once you are married, your life witnesses a lot of changes. Things would be all rosy and nice like a dream come true in the early years of your marriage. However, once you are a few years into your married life, things shift drastically.

There might be things about your spouse that hurt, worry or even upset you a lot. The best way to solve these woes would be to talk over it and find a solution together. Some of the most common troubles that couples of today face are given below along with a few solutions on how you, facing a similar situation, can probably approach them and solve them to lead a happy married life.

newly weds problems

Not able to manage time between personal and professional life

Cause of concern:This is one of the biggest and most common problems that couples tend to face. Balancing time between work and home becomes a very big concern. Most people have no idea how to do the balancing act so that the spouse does not complain.

You may think that work is the only important element since it helps you live a comfortable life and tend to give less time to your spouse and other family members. This can be very harming since the spouse might feel that he/she is being neglected.

How to mend this: To handle this trouble you would need to learn how to balance your personal and work life. Try and spend most of your free time with your spouse.

Having issues with personal grooming and general lifestyle

Cause of concern:You might think that your partner does not have great personal grooming skills and this might bother you a lot. You would expect him/her to dress better or maintain a fit and healthy body or keep the room spic and span. Noticing that he/she does not really care about it or just think that he/she does not have the time and interest for it can be very upsetting.

How to mend this: Try and involve yourself in the process of your spouse’s personal grooming. Go for aerobics or yoga classes together so that both of you can keep yourself in shape.

Help him/her keep things in the room in an organized way. Compliment them when he/she wears something nice or looks special on a particular day.

Not being involved in important decision making processes

Cause of concern:This generally happens when just one partner takes all decisions related to the household. You might feel that you are not being involved in the decision making process since you are not deemed fit for it by your partner. This could lead to a loss of morale and can even cause frustration.

How to mend this: Your spouse might be very good at decision making, but then he/she needs to understand that the decisions he/she takes will influence you too! Looking for solutions to certain problems in the household together will help to keep the relations very cordial between the two of you.

Money matters not being handled properly

Cause of concern:Money can become a much bigger issue than you think between you and your spouse. If the two of you are earning and it is only one of them who is made to spend for anything and everything related to the home, then this could give rise to negative feelings, arguments and even fights. Trying to put the entire monetary burden on one person would frustrate him/her and can result in spoiling the relationship as well.

How to mend this:Distribute the expenses between the two of you equally. When money matters are dealt with wisely, it gives a great sense of being supported and involvement to the other person. This would even result in an enhanced relationship between the couple and wade away all other trivial issues.

Not understanding the partner’s sexual needs

Cause of concern: Physical needs are something about which most partners do not talk about very openly. However, it is a very essential and mandatory part of any married couple’s journey in life together. Being inconsiderate about your partner’s needs or even trying to think that he/she is being very demanding can go to the extent of breaking a relationship. In worse cases, it could even lead to your partner cheating on you!

How to mend this: Try and be more understanding and appreciative of your partner’s sexual needs. Do not think that it is wrong to talk or discuss about it. Be open to each other and share your needs with your spouse. Letting the other person know or asking your partner clearly is the only way to deal with something like this. Do not hesitate to talk to your partner about it.

Taking care of the kids is not just one person’s headache

Cause of concern: The kids at home should not be left just to the mother to manage completely. Especially, when she is sick or tired, she might get all the more frustrated. Never put the entire responsibility of the children on her head and try to relax.

The kind of love and bonding that a husband and wife share is very unique and priceless. Remember to treat your partner well no matter for how many years you have been married and how old you both are. Never give way to any misunderstandings and keep everyone out of your personal space.

Keeping the spark of love ignited all the time gives rise to the best bonding between the couple. Be selfless and as good to your partner as you can and you will be surprised as to what he/she gives back to you!