Top 5 Problems Faced by Newly Weds

A wedding can make a big difference to your life and in ways more than just one. Getting into a whole new environment on the personal front with all new faces around and adapting to a completely new lifestyle can be a bit challenging. Both the wife and husband do need to realize that things will not remain the same as they were before getting into wedlock.

When things are not the way you thought it would be or having troubles adjusting to a new way of life can bring in tense situations and make a person’s life difficult. This uncomfortable situation can lead to a number of problems and create friction between the two people.

newly weds problems

Getting familiar with family and friends

Knowing and befriending each other’s social circle and family members is very important and things like not mingling with his/her friend circle can be troublesome. You might even think that your partner spends more time with the family and friends than he/she spends with you. This problem if not sorted out properly can create a lot of misunderstanding and differences between the couple in the early stages of their wedding.

Quick Fix: The best way to deal with this would be to talk about the problem to your spouse. You need to express your liking and disliking openly so that your partner understands your trouble and tries to make changes accordingly. You need to tell your spouse that you need more time with him/her so that you can learn more about each other.

Setting very unrealistic expectations from your spouse

Though a wedding does change a lot in a person’s life, it definitely will not affect you completely or change you as a person overnight. Most of us tend to have too many expectations from our partner and when those are not met we feel very depressed or angry about it. This could lead to arguments or fights between the couple.

Quick Fix: Be very realistic about what you expect from your partner. Being caring and loving toward your partner is really necessary at this stage. Try to be calm and cool at handling things. Speak up to your partner about your expectations and let him/her tell you how much of this can actually be met and why few others cannot be realized.

Adjusting to your partner’s lifestyle

There could be certain things about your spouse’s way of life that can disturb or irritate you a lot and this becomes a cause for conflict between you and your loved one.

Quick Fix: Adjusting to each other’s lifestyle would take more time than you expect. Be ready to give that time for your partner to understand your way of life and if necessary amend their lifestyle accordingly. You too should make an attempt to adjust more to his/her lifestyle so that the other person can see and appreciate your ways to adapt yourself to his/her environment.

How to handle the household day-to-day chores

Handling daily chores especially when both the husband and wife are working can become a matter of concern. If the wife feels that she is being made to do all the household work by herself and the husband is not even trying to help her, then this can stress her out. This can create a lot of negative feelings between the two.

Quick Fix: Your partner should not feel that she is being burdened with all the household work. Do try and help her with the household chores as much as you can and whenever possible. Distributing the household work between the two of you would ensure that the work gets over sooner than expected and would even give you and your loved one more time to spend with each other!

How to handle intimacy levels

Being intimate with each other is probably one of the most important things in a marriage. If you have physical or emotional intimacy levels that don’t match then it could be a cause of worry. Being ignorant or giving less importance to your spouse’s physical and emotional needs can be very harming in a relationship that is to last for a lifetime.

Quick Fix: Understanding and trying to meet the levels of each other’s physical needs is highly important. This can be very easy if you have genuine care and concern for your partner. Talk about your needs openly so that the other person also knows where he/she is making a mistake.

Minor differences can exist among all newly married couples, but how you tackle them is what makes or breaks the relationship. Being supportive of each other and being there for your spouse mentally and physically does make a world of difference. It helps nurture relationships in the best possible way and makes life a very memorable journey for you and your loved one.