Steps to marriage reconciliation

Problems of wrong marriage

When two partners fail to see each other`s point of view and decide that they do not share any levels of compatibility, then they decide to separate or take a divorce. This happens in many marriages when they are not matched before marriage to check their compatibility. It is best to go for a match making of horoscopes of both the boy and girl and then marry if there is compatibility. Otherwise, the marriage turns sour and many regret for choosing the wrong life partner.

Marriage reconciliation

Role of Malefic Plants in bad marriage

It is said in Vedic Astrology that the natural malefic planets in a horoscope that cause divorce or separation are Saturn or shani, Rahu, Ketu and Mars. The placement of Mars in the fourth house in the horoscope is called mangal dosh where the native is denied domestic peace, harmonious relationship with life partner, peaceful home. If the second house in the horoscope is affected by the aspect of Saturn then there is marital discord and separation.

Reconciliation – Best way to remedy a bad marriage

Planets play a vital role in the happiness of married life. In case there is separation or divorce, one can take steps to come to terms and reconcile with one`s partner to preserve the sacred institution of marriage and for the benefit of children. Reconciliation needs much of spiritual and moral courage on the part of both the partners as it requires a great deal of maturity. There are many ways by which reconciliation can happen between both.

  • Intention - In the first step, both partners should want to preserve their marriage and have the intent to do so. Once that happens, then it becomes important to let pride and ego go away from their minds. This is not an easy affair to happen in an instant. It needs the blessings of the divine to have such changes taking place in the minds of individuals who have gone through a whole lot of pain and suffering in a relationship that was not suitable to them.
  • Mutual Dialogue - However, with understanding of the given situation that they are in, they have to take steps to talk to each other, not about issues that they had previously, but rather to create a new beginning with just two together.
  • Understand each other`s differences -They just need to talk to each other because relationship is all about sharing each one`s thoughts and understanding each other`s differences. Both need each other.
  • Longing to be together - It is the longing to be with each other despite differences that makes reconciliation very successful and effective. Forgetting the past by being born again in spirit is the ideal that the partners should strive at.
  • Restart their life- They should restart the journey of life not with old thoughts, fights, bickering, problems of infidelity, and other associated pain. It should appear that they are new to each other, raring to experience each other all over again. If this is the condition that they can create for themselves, then it would be easy to wipe the slate clean and start all over again.
  • Seek Counsel - It is not easy to reconcile differences, though. They can seek expert intervention not from immature people but from trained professionals who can objectively see through their problems and help them improve on their relationship.
  • Astrological Guidance- They can also seek astrological guidance for sorting out their issues. By following remedies suggested by astrologers, they can experience good calming thoughts and think wisely.

They will be able to draw the spiritual strength from the working of planetary influences and life will certainly improve with better understanding of themselves.

Harmony and peaceful coexistence can be wrought through the power of prayers and rituals suggested through such guidance.