Celebrating 1st Wedding Anniversary in Style

It has been one full year since you have been married and today is the day on which you tied the nuptial knot with your spouse. Don’t you want to make this day very special and a day to remember for years to come? Thank him/her in your own style for being with you for such a long time and been patient with everything.

One of the best ways to do this would be to do something unique and different for him/her so that your spouse can cherish this day and at the same time be happy for being loved so much. Here are some ideas that you could use to impress the love of your life on your 1st wedding anniversary.


Nothing better than a handmade gift

One of the best gifts for your special someone will be something which you have custom made. This would mean that you bother to spend so much time handpicking all those things that the person likes and put them together in one place!

This does mean a lot of hard work, but thinking of the smile and happiness it can bring to your spouse does make your efforts worthwhile. It could be his/her favourite flowers or things which he/she cherishes the most or even a handwritten card alongside some other gift.

Going on a vacation and reliving your honeymoon

Take your loved one on a holiday to some destination that you always wanted to go together. You can also go to the same place where you went for your honeymoon since it would help relive the memories you both had as a newly married couple. It could be your second honeymoon this time around!

Making a CD of most loved songs can bring a smile

You for sure know the songs which can make your loved one feel wonderful or bring back memories of your early years of marriage or your dating days. Go ahead and put all those songs into a CD just for him/her and gift it.

This will silently remind the person that you still care just like you used to do in the early days and that your love for him/her has only increased in your one year of togetherness!

Where you fell for each other instantly

Do you remember the place where your eyes first caught each other’s attention? The moment when you instantly felt the vibes and felt attracted to him/her. It could even be the place where you proposed to him/her for a marriage.

Take your special someone there and spend time recollecting all those lovely moments and reminding each other how much you were in love then and how much your love has grown with time. This is for sure a surprise which anyone and everyone will love.

Watching the wedding video with a dinner at home is romantic

Wish to have a relaxed and just you and him/her kind of an anniversary. This can be best done at home. You can spend time together in the evening with some special food made for him/her. You could cook or order dishes that you both love a lot.

You can make it a candle light dinner to increase love in the air. To relive the wedding day you could watch the wedding video over some drinks and dinner. The evening cannot get any more romantic than this, do you agree?

Go ahead and celebrate your first wedding anniversary in the style you like the most. Make sure that this day remains in the hearts and minds of your loved one and yours forever! Give him/her the best time this anniversary.