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The celestial bodies have always made a profound impact on the life on earth and astrology is the science that decodes their language. “Astrology is a science in itself, and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It has taught me many things, and I am greatly in debt to it.” Albert Einstein. There are specific planets indicating about health, relationships, education, career etc. and so have formulated a wide array of astrological reports to cover almost all aspects of your needs. Our panel of eminent astrologers will assist you to gain better insight about your life.

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Instant Insight is a Prasna (Question) or Horary Astrology based on an ancient and unique branch of Vedic Astrology. 'Hora' loosely means 'the hour'. It is also known as 'Prasna Shastra', meaning "Question Ancient Wisdom" as it involves a person asking a specific question and examining the current location of the all planets in the sky. Using the current planetary position, an answer is revealed. Your birth chart is not used.

US $ 11.00
Astrologer Prescribed Remedy for Your Problem

Problems are unavoidable in our day to day life but you can avoid being trapped by it. Resolve your issues, be it related to finance, romance, career or health or any other area of life, through the Astrologer Prescribed Remedy program. We have specific remedies to attack your problem.

US $ 22.00
Is this Your Season of Love?

Time is important as you cannot achieve same results every time. Find out when is the opportune time for you to proceed in Love matters. Our 'Find Your Season of Love' package tells you the cosmic time when you can achieve easy success in attracting your partner and improve your romance.

US $ 33.00
What is Your Love?

You might be wondering ... With whom I am compatible with it without meeting them, is it possible to know? A partner / spouse influence my search for the birth date, time and place? It's time to move on or to cling existing relationship? Moon and other celestial bodies in our solar system would affect my marriage?

US $ 33.00
Patch your Break Up Relationship

Are you wondering how to patch up your broken love? Are you clueless on whether he/she has left you for good, or will make a comeback? Your relationship may not be over; there is Divine Guidance that can help you answer the riddle of Patch Up. There might be a way to cherish your loving moments with your partner again-find out how and rewrite the story of your love!

US $ 33.00
End your Problematic Relationship

Relationships bring happiness but when it goes wrong, it brings sorrow. Heartbreaks can happen to anyone, but there are solutions in Vedic Astrology. Take the guidance of our Vedic astrologers for a smooth end to your problematic relationship.

US $ 33.00
Is He/She Mr/Miss Right?

You are happy with your lover but do you want to know if it is just an infatuation or really you are meant for each other. Evaluate the chemistry you share with your partner and find out how far the relationship will take you.

US $ 33.00
Electional Astrology

Each moment of time is infused with certain energy dimensions that add to the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of an activity undertaken during that time. Electional astrology is the technique to find the opportune time when the favorable planetary energies will be supportive to ensure maximum success and satisfaction for the important and memorable occasions in one’s life. It is also known as event astrology.

US $ 33.00
Horoscope Matching Report

A Horoscope matching report of a couple will be based on an analysis of the couples' birth chart to find their mental compatibilities and see how harmonious, balanced and healthy their relationship is going to be. The report also gives remedies to resolve various afflictions in the chart.

US $ 37.00
Electional Astrology

Electional astrology is the technique to find the opportune time when the favorable planetary energies will be supportive to ensure maximum success and satisfaction for the important and memorable occasions in one’s life. It is also known as event astrology. For rituals like engagement, marriage, and nuptials birth details for both the individuals is taken into consideration.

US $ 50.00
Live Astrology Consultation

Do you have concerns about your future? You can now speak with our expert panel of Vedic astrologers to find solutions to your life problems. Be it your career, love, money or relationship issue, you can trust to get vivid and life-transforming answers.

US $ 59.00
360 Degree Love Profile

Are you thinking about the right time to approach your love or a way out to smoothly end a problematic relationship? Our 360 degree love profile gives you insight into your emotional needs and gives you answers to all your love and relationship queries.

US $ 66.00
Nadi Astrology Chapter 7

Find out the right time for your wedding bells (1st Marriage)by reading Chapter 7 Nadi Astrology. This chapter explains the reasons for delay in your marriage and proposes remedial measures. It also reveals when you will be married and for how long will you be married.

US $ 108.00
Nadi Astrology Chapter 11

If you wish to be an entrepreneur or would like to have an idea about your business profit, this chapter summarizes it all. The chapter also reveals the chances of second marriage in one’s life.

US $ 108.00

Nadi Essential Package includes the most important and necessary chapters in your life with the help of your thumb print. It includes readings from the chapters 1, 13 and 14.

US $ 429.00
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