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Instant Insight, also known as Prasna Astrology, is an ancient branch of Vedic astrology. The uniqueness of Prasna astrology is that it does not require a birth chart for analyzing the prospects or understand the reasons for the current troubles. An astrologer will study the positioning of the planets and the combinations at the time you ask a question to answer your queries. Ask our astrologers anything with regard to your education, relationships, career, family or children and get immediate answers for your questions
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Instant Insight is a Prasna (Question) or Horary Astrology based on an ancient and unique branch of Vedic Astrology. 'Hora' loosely means 'the hour'. It is also known as 'Prasna Shastra', meaning "Question Ancient Wisdom" as it involves a person asking a specific question and examining the current location of the all planets in the sky. Using the current planetary position, an answer is revealed. Your birth chart is not used.

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1 - 1 of 1 Products