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Fire connects the material world with the spiritual entity. It purifies food, sanitizes water and even transforms base elements into gold. In this form of ritual, fire is used to carry your prayers to space where it is received by spiritual forces who in return extend their angelic protection and intervention in your life. However, the use of right time, right offerings and right sounds are decisive in a fire ritual to invoke the Archetypal Beings. We have categorized the fire rituals into – planetary fire labs, Archetype (deity) fire labs and specific purpose fire labs to help you navigate your search.

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Mars Fire Lab (Homa)

Mars is fiery and passionate planet. If in your chart, Mars is weak or badly placed he will create debts (credit card, medical, mortgage), diseases and relationship problems. A positive Mars gives courage, healing and financial discrimination. Performing Mars Fire Lab helps control its malefic effects for your well-being.

US $ 154.00
Jupiter Fire Lab (Homa)

This Jupiter homa (Fire Lab) invokes the blessings of Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of success and teacher of the humankind. He represents the higher mind, the vision of truth, optimism, indulgence, wisdom, and desire. This homa is targeted receive his blessings for success in endeavors, increase imagination, gain knowledge and serve as an inspiration to others.

US $ 154.00
Venus Fire Lab (Homa)

This Venus homa (Fire Lab) invokes the blessings of Venus. The planet Venus is ruled by Goddess Lakshmi and governs the female gender. He can empower you to harness your creativity and give expression to your abilities. Perform Venus homa to receive blessings for longevity, wealth, progeny, happiness, property and good education.

US $ 154.00
Rahu Fire Lab(Homa)

This Rahu homa (Fire Lab) invokes the blessings of Rahu. Rahu is one of the two nodal planets, who can strengthen your power and overwhelm adversaries. He can help to improve your life and make even unfavorable situations work to your advantage. Rahu homa can help you make the best use of circumstances, be a go-getter and lead the life as you desire.

US $ 154.00
Ketu Fire Lab (Homa)

This Ketu homa (Fire Lab) invokes the blessings of Ketu. Ketu is one of the two nodal planets, who can endow you with a spiritual bent of mind and help you bring out hidden positive attributes of your personality and achieve great heights. Perform Ketu homa to gain overall prosperity, good health and turn around your fiscal fortunes.

US $ 154.00
Durga Fire Lab

Durga Fire Lab- This Fire Lab is targeted to help with dating/marital related issues. Invoke Goddess Durga, who has the power to bless you to overcome marital and relationship issues.

US $ 154.00
Parvati Fire Lab(Homa)

Parvati homa is performed to invoke the blessings of Goddess Parvati, the supreme Shakti (power) pervades the entire universe. Performing Parvati homa can pave the way for a trouble-free life filled with joy and happiness.

US $ 154.00
Swayamvara Parvathi Fire Lab(Homa)

Lord Shiva himself gave the Swayamvara Parvati Mantra to Goddess Parvati Devi. This enabled her to reunite with her divine consort. By performing the Swayamvara Parvati Homa, various obstacles that delay marriage are removed. The eligible bride or groom is blessed with a suitable spouse.

US $ 175.00
1 - 8 of 8 Products