Delay Marriage

delay marriage

When you bond into a relationship after a long search for your partner, your long-awaited partner indeed turns out to be a boon for you. You have the strong desire to ‘live happily ever-after’. The fun and thrill of finding your partner can be long-lasting and a relationship to cherish, if you know what the planets have in store for your married life. Astrological analysis will give you better insight about the personality of you and your partner and in what ways you make up deficiencies of each other.

A meaningful overview always gives you better perspective of life. Imagine yourself walking through an unknown street, you observe the people, vehicles, buildings and so on. At the same time, a bird’s eye view of the same street from the top floor of a high rise will enable you to see the lay-out of the road, the lining of greenery, its approach roads, direction of the traffic, nearby landmarks and so on. It will certainly increase your confidence for taking on road. Knowing about the energies of planets and their behavior in each partner’s life will help you take on relationships with confidence.

How Astrological Yogas Delay Marriages

 Astrological reasons for delay marriage

Would you prefer a late marriage or an early one? Well, astrologers will assert that as ordinary humans, we cannot decide about our marriages. The planets have ordained that for us.

Young Women Today Prefer Delayed Marriage


Preference for delay or postponement of marriage is natural fallout of changing perspectives and priorities in life. For young girls these days, many other aspects of life have been gaining priority over marriage.

Reasons and Remedies for Delay in Marriages

Make Gorgeous on Wedding Day

Instances of Delay in marriages do not raise many eyebrows these days. It has become a common place happening these days, and at the same time a common concern of parents.