Reasons and Remedies for Delay in Marriages

Instances of Delay in marriages do not raise many eyebrows these days. It has become a common place happening these days, and at the same time a common concern of parents. Perhaps, this is also the reason why the intensity of social criticism and speculations surrounding it has begun to mellow down. It is turning out to be just another aspect of our changing social scenario.

Delay in marriage due changing outlook: Our social scenario is changing with every wave of progressive ideas and ways of living. These days, girls and boys, both, aspire to be well- educated and pursue a good career. Even their parents encourage them to live for a higher objective in life – It is indeed a happy scenario of progressive thinking, but there is another side of the coin too. Pursuit of higher education and attaining stability in career makes them delay incidence of marriage.

Remedies for Delay in Marriages

Delay in marriage due to too many discrimination: Well, the cynics of our society also complain that both, the girls and the boys are becoming too selective about their marriage. Spouse’s wealth, career, religion, appearance, family backgrounds are weighed on the balance of eligibility for marriage. Such minute scrutiny of every aspect of life is bound to create confusion.

Delay in marriage due to astrological reasons: Placement of certain specific planets in birth-chart is responsible for delay in marriages. Astrological derivations point to certain conditions:

  • Saturn placed in the Seventh House in the birth-chart of a person; Saturn connected in anyway with the House; or if one is undergoing the major period of Saturn
  • Any malefic planets like Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, Sun or afflicted Moon present in the Seventh house or aspecting Seventh House.
  • Venus debilitated in one’s chart or Venus combusted with presence of Sun within proximity of ten degrees.
  • If Saturn and Moon are in combination in any possible way.
  • If Seventh House lord in present in the Eight or Sixth House.
  • If one is undergoing the major and minor period of Rahu and Ketu.
  • If an individual is in the age for marriage and there is no favorable influence from the Seventh House during that period.

Remedies for delay in marriages:

These days, certain aspects of marriage like compatibility, desires to achieve common goals, emotions that should be supportive of each other’s and such vulnerable aspects of human beings have begun to take the back seat. Hence, the most important remedy from psychological purview would be for a boy and a girl to understand that Marriage is a journey to be undertaken together through commitment and better understanding of changing circumstances.

Remedies suggested by our Astrologers are specific rituals that may end confusions in mind and help in finding suitable partner:

  • Pray to Lord Venus on Fridays.
  • Conduct marriage ceremony in temples for Shiva and Parvati, Radha and Krishna, Velli and Murugan.
  • Donating for purchase of mangalyam mala for the bride.