How Astrological Yogas Delay Marriages

Would you prefer a late marriage or an early one?

Well, astrologers will assert that as ordinary humans, we cannot decide about our marriages. The planets have ordained that for us. Our natal- charts already have the clues to the kind of marriages we are destined to experience in our lives. I know a friend who did not have a choice too.

In my college, I have seen one of my friends getting married quite early. Her parents happened to luckily come across a guy they thought to be suitable for my friend. And my friend was too young to resist the option of getting married to a so called ‘Mr. Perfect’ exclusively chosen for her. Though she continued her studies after her marriage for some time, her waning interest was obvious. I could not help secretly blaming her parents for not allowing her life to bloom as she would have desired. Her future was decided by others and she had to follow it!

Astrological Yogas Delay Marriage

That’s destiny, some of my friends said but I wouldn’t budge.

Why can’t we deal with planets directly and make them understand what we want? Nothing is really impossible! Establishing friendly connection with the planets can prepare us well for important decisions in our lives.

Let us find out which planets are responsible for marriages:

Planet Venus: This is the planet responsible for marriages. A good Venus energy grants people happy married life. A well placed Venus in the natal chart of a man will get him a good wife.

Planet Jupiter: This planet is also responsible for marriages. A well placed Jupiter in the natal chart of a lady will get her a good husband.

Planet Mars: This planet is responsible for how the relationship between the couple would be.

When these planets are not aspected by malefic planets or not stationed in the house of an enemy, they bring about positive energies that help in fulfilling your desires of marriage and good relationship.

Ideal age for marriages vary from one culture to another. Usually marriage in teens or early 20s is considered early marriage and in 30s is considered late marriage.

Some planetary conjunctions are responsible for late marriages. Let us note the yogas that can delay marriage for an individual:

  • Saturn placed in the Seventh House in the birth-chart of a person; Saturn connected in anyway with the House; or if one is undergoing the major period of Saturn.
  • Any malefic planets like Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, Sun or afflicted Moon present in the Seventh house or aspecting Seventh House.
  • Venus debilitated in one’s chart or Venus combusted with presence of Sun within proximity of ten degrees.
  • If Saturn and Moon are in combination in any possible way.
  • If Seventh House lord in present in the Eight or Sixth House.
  • If one is undergoing the major and minor period of Rahu and Ketu.
  • If an individual is in the age for marriage and there is no favorable influence from the Seventh House during that period.

Remedies for delayed marriages:

Marriage is a journey undertaken together by a couple through commitment and better understanding of changing circumstances. Compatibility and Supportiveness are the pillars of any relationship, whether with your spouse, lover or the planets. Bond with the planets to have a good marriage and happy life thereafter.

Remedies suggested by our Astrologers are specific rituals that may end confusions in mind and help in finding suitable partner:

  • Pray to Lord Venus on Fridays.
  • Conduct marriage ceremony in temples for Shiva and Parvati, Radha and Krishna, Velli and Murugan.
  • Donating for purchase of mangalyam mala for the bride.