Why is Communication Important in Marriage

‘He will surely know what I want!’, ‘She will understand the stress I am going through!’- Such thoughts between couples indicate how positive one thinks of the other person and how attached one feels towards the other. But such assumptions eventually lead to communication gaps over a period of time. Again thoughts like ‘I don’t think he will like it’, I am not sure she understands my problems convey depression and negative vibes building up in a marriage. Such secrets suppressed in your heart are the breeding grounds of developing strong misunderstanding between couple. Over the years tit and bits of misconception about partner can bring down a marriage itself.

Remember the saying, ‘little drops of water make a mighty ocean’, similarly, little misunderstandings and assumptions creates a strong emotions of hatred and vengeance. When you find your partner not meeting your expectations, talk clearly and know what to expect.


Encourage clear communication between each other like, ‘I want to take a break and go for a vacation with you’, ‘I have fancy for watches, I would love to receive it as a gift from you’ or ‘Please try to understand me, or ‘ I am under lot of pressure to meet the deadline..’ helps in reducing confusion or doubts about each other and makes relationship better.

Tips for building better communication consciously:

Prepare yourself for an open chat: When you want to talk together openly, remember to keep your ego at bay. Give yourself plenty of time to listen to your partner. Open your mind to understand the other person as much as possible. Try not to blame each other, instead try to work out a solution to what the other person fails to do.

Communicate with love and involvement: Open channels of communication with compassion. Always sit together to discuss issues or matters when both of you are relaxed and have sufficient energy to hear out each other and find solutions.

Never stop learning from every situation: Every situation in life is different and to handle them properly you need to understand how they affect each other. Communicate your concerns but keep talking to each other and do not shy in communicating your genuine feelings.

Get over the unwanted past: Do not keep referring to undesirable circumstances of the past. Try to keep your mind positive while talking. It would be the best practice to forgive and forget the mistakes made in the past. This will make the future, different and better.

Avoid confronting: Do not to end up discussions blaming each other, trying to point finger at the other person. Try to end such situations by showing genuine concern in understanding your partner’s view point or state of mind. Love always does the magic where many other things fail.

With conscious efforts and constant practice become a good communicator. Not everyone can communicate easily, nor does everyone feel that talking about nitty gritty in office or home is necessary. Good communication comes through practice. When you talk about issues with your partner you realize where you are failing to show up clear in his/her radar of understanding. But after you clear your doubts, try to make improvements consciously. Little acts of love build a very strong relationship.

All relationships bonded out of love will grow stronger as you learn to develop clear and honest communication with different situations. Love is always not enough, better sense of reasoning and conscious efforts to continue making a relationship better makes a relationship stronger than ever before.