Tirumanancheri Temple

The Tirumanancheri Temple, located in Thanjavur district, is considered as one of the important temples of Lord Shiva. He is worshipped here as Kalyansundareswarar with his consort Parvathi called as Kokilambal. The temple is said to hold divine blessings for marriages because it is said to have been the holy ground where the marriage of Shiva and Parvathi had been celebrated.

When devotees pray to the divine couple for grace and blessings for a happy marriage, the prayers are answered. Thousands of people till today have received boon for visiting the temple and offering archanas for happy marriage.

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If you devote yourself completely to these deities of the inner sanctum and make a wish during the parihara poojas performed here, your wish will be fulfilled. Those desirous of marriage and those who want to overcome problems in marital life, both are blessed with fulfillment of their desires. Those who pray for a suitable life-partner, the divine couple helps them in manifesting their desires within a short time.

Never fail to observe the mood and posture of Shiva and Parvathi as the groom and bride. Parvathi stands on right side of Shiva unassertive and shy, her eyes cast down on kalyana kolam, the geometrical and colorful drawings made on the floor at marriage celebrations. They represent the ideal gesture for a groom and his bride during a Hindu marriage. Intently observing and savoring the beauty of the image of the couple triggers a divine force within a devotee.

According to the Sthala Purana, once Goddess Parvathi was possessed with a desire to rebond with her husband Shiva through the rituals of earthly marriage. And to fulfill her desire, she was sent to earth and incarnated herself as the daughter of the saint Bharata, whom Shiva married again. This holy ceremony of tying the nuptial knot is said to have taken place in Tirumanancheri filling the air with divinity. Till today, Shiva & Parvathi in this temple answer the prayers of their devotees who are unable to find a suitable partner for marriage as well as those who have marital relationship problems.

There is a popular anecdote about Shiva-Parvathi granting boons. Once, two friends decided that when they have children, they will get them married to each other to seal their friendship. In due course of time, one of them had a beautiful daughter and the other a boy with resemblance of a tortoise. The mother of the girl began to repent the promise she had made to her friend. She refused to get her daughter married to her friend's son because of his appearance. However, the daughter desired to marry the boy despite his looks and sought mercy of Lord Shiva in Thirumanancheri. Shiva, being pleased with her, blessed the boy to gain a healthy form who was united to her beloved through marriage. Hence, it is also believed that Kalyanasundareswarar and Kokilaambal even improves physical appearance of a person or grants him or her a partner who can look beyond outward appearance, in order to remove obstacle for marriage.

If you are in search of your partner, do offer a pooja to the divine couple Lord Kalyanasunderaswarar and Devi Kokilambal and receive their grace. The fruits of their grace will always provide you reasons to be happy and grateful to the Divine.