Thirukkannar Temple

The Thirukkannar Temple, built by the Cholas, is located around 2 kilometers from Vaitheeswaran Temple. The main deity here is Kannayiramudaiyar, or Kannayiranathar, in Sanskrit known as 'Sahasranethreswarar'. The Goddess here is called Muruguvalarkothai and Sukunthakunthalambigai. The inscriptions at the temple tell us that Saints Manikkavasagar, Ramalinga Adigai and poet Sekkizhar had visited its premises.

The temple has a small gopuram at the entrance and small sized baked clay sculpture of Lord Shiva, with his consort Parvathi, sitting on the back of the bull Nandi. This is flanked on both sides by sculpture Vinayaka and Subramaniya with Valli and Devyani. Kondrai maram is the sthala viruksham of the temple and the temple tank is known as the Indra teertham.

History of the temple: Why this temple is an Indra Teertham?

Indra, the king of Gods had once visited the household of Saint Goutham in the absence of the saint, to seduce his wife Agaligai. Now Indra had disguised himself as the saint and when Agaligai was about to commit to him, the real saint Goutham unexpectedly returned to his home. Seeing this, Indra took the form of a cat to escape. But the saint found out the confusion and was enraged. He cursed Indra with thousand vaginal marks all over his body. He also cursed his wife to turn into a stone and she can assume human shape only when Lord Rama steps his foot on the stone.

Ashamed of this curse, Indra prayed to Lord Brahma for redress. On Brahma’s advice Indra visited Kurumanakkudi and took bath in the pond opposite to the temple and prayed to Lord Shiva, the main deity of the temple. Shiva relieved him of his curse. Thereafter, Lord Shiva in the temple is called Kannayiramudaiyar or Sahasranethreswarar.

Again, once Lord Vishnu who turned the avatar of Vamana (Kurumi), had prayed in this temple. After him, the village derived its name – Kurumanakkudi.

Remedies gained on visiting the temple

Rectify bad influences of Zodiac signs:

The mandapam inside has the shrine of the Goddess Murguvalar Kothainayagi. On the ceiling of the stone mandapam opposite to the shrine of the Goddess has the 12 Zodiacs carved on it. People who wish to rectify bad influences of Zodiac signs, visit the temple to perform the ritual of Kumkumarchanai to the Goddess.

Blessings for marriage:

Those who are unable to get married due to malefic influence of planets in their horoscope offer prayers here to acquire blessings for a good marriage. Unmarried worshippers offer flower garland to Lord Shiva and on getting married also they offer the same to the deity as an act of gratitude.

Blessings for a child:

Childless couples longing for a child are blessed with after worshipping in this temple. The Arthajama pooja by offering fruits and milk to God and feeding the poor after performing the pooja is believed to have blessed many childless couple with a child.

Remedy for eye-problem:

People with eye problems get cured after lighting deepams or oil lamps before the Lord Shiva.

Important celebrations

The daily ritual of worship is performed 5 times a day. A camphor aarthi (the ritual in which some amount of camphor is lighted and the flame is shown to God) is first made to Lord Shiva and then to the Goddess. After this, the devotees are allowed to take blessings of the holy flame along with vermilion and holy ash. Though all the auspicious days for worshipping Lord Shiva are celebrated in this temple, Karthigai Somavara Pradosham is a celebrated with lot of importance.

How to reach

One can reach the temple on travelling by train to Mayiladuthurai station and from there, travel by bus to Vaitheeswaran Temple. The traveller has to reach Kathiramangalam and then travel 3 km to reach Kurumanakkudi. Proper accommodation is not available at the village and outstation visitors are advised to stay either at Mayiladuthurai or nearby Vaitheeswaran temple to visit the temple.