The Effects of Remarriage on Your Children

Remarriage can join broken hearts, soothe the pain of broken relationships, and germinate hope in life again. But is it the same for children and adults? How difficult can it be for a child to find mother or father’s place being replaced with another person?


Children are often left perplexed with sudden changes, and at times left thinking, ‘I wish a fairy-mom appears and brings me back both my father and mother!’ Though many a time, a single parent marry to make a broken family whole again for his or her children. But here lies the irony of life: children finally feel compelled to adjust. Their tender and innocent minds need to be caressed very delicately.

How to make children feel loved and important?

Help your children cope with the loss of warmth and affection of a happy family. They are too young to handle disturbed relationships, and broken marriages leave a very deep gash in their mind. Give them time and good mentoring to help them cope with painful circumstances. Neither you nor your children should rush into another relationship.

How to prepare them for another relationship?

Let your children understand that we cannot live without relationships and when one begins to hurt and bring pain, we should not shirk new relationships. Handling new relationship with hope and lot of goodwill can help us recover from pain of a lost or broken relationship.

Most important, inspire your children to expand their hearts and love others. Only through love and adjustment we can be happy.

How to test compatibility of new relationships?

Introduce your new partner to your children. Let them interact and become comfortable with each other. At the same time assure your children that they are the most precious to you. So without their consent you will not rush into a new relationship. But convince them that future is another day and they can make it brighter if they want. Your partner should participate in making the process easier for you too.

How to handle reference of your ex-spouse with your children?

Both parents are dear to children. If you are always blaming your ex-spouse for the fall-out of bitter relationship, refrain from doing so – that way you will be mishandling their tender and soft mind. Filling their minds with negative emotions will hinder their emotional growth. So analyze the problems in logical and reasonable way.

Tell them that they had to go through a lot because of their both parents’ incompatibility. Show lot of compassion towards your children. They deserve it. Of course, your heart goes out to them whenever you look at them, isn’t it?

An insight about children: A child’s world is wonderful; it’s fertile with so many ideas, and colorful dreams. When a child’s home fails to bring them the comfort they deserve, inspire them to explore the world, pick up new interests, possibilities and new friends. You will be happy to see them enthusiastic about something, expectantly waiting for results of a project they have taken up and so on instead of sulking and being depressed most of the time. They just need to be encouraged and driven optimistically. You will be amazed how good they are in adapting.