5 Super Cool Hair-dos for Brides to Try at Home

Though the wedding day is over, post wedding rituals, functions and family get togethers are still on. They would go on until almost a month or more after the actual wedding is done. Now, this is something that can stress out the bride a bit since she needs to look pretty and different at each one of these occasions.

These are times when anyone and everyone notices the bride from top to toe! The clothes she wears, the jewelry she uses and most importantly the hair-do she dons are all noticed.

super cool hair for brides

Here are some ideas on how you can try different hair styles and look different each time you step out of your new-found home.

Style 1: A ponytail with a twist can sure look super pretty

A ponytail is something that looks good on any and every face type. It is one of the easiest hair styles and also looks sleek and chic with all kinds of outfit. Depending on the dress you are wearing, you can give your simple ponytail a slight twist to look all the more cute!

If you are wearing a traditional outfit like a saree, then you can for sure have a loosely tied ponytail with the ends well plaited! When the outfit is a combination of ethnic and stylish wear then a tightly tied ponytail will look awesome with the rest of the hair left loose or with just a band on it toward middle of the hair.

Style 2: Knot up the hair to make it look stylish

A very good way to have the hair well kept all through the day is to knot it up. You can either plait the hair and knot it up or tie up loose hair. Both these hairstyles would look real cool and help you manage the hair very easily all through the day.

This hair-do is very useful if your hair is wavy or frizzy and is not easy to manage when left open or loose through the day. You can make the knot look nicer by putting some fashionable looking mini clips or hair bands.

Style 3: A French plait will never go out of fashion

A French plait might not be the easiest thing to do, but with some practice you can definitely master it! This is one hairstyle that has existed for the longest possible time and has not reduced in popularity even a wee bit!

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can be done on both medium and long hair and looks absolutely gorgeous. You can even pep up the hairstyle with hair coloring gels or clips or even hair art of your choice!

Style 4: Got lovely curls? Go on and flaunt it

Curls are the most 'in' thing these days! Don't have or don't wish to have permanent curls? No problem at all! The best thing for you would be to get a temporary curling done.

You can curl your lovely locks at the comfort of your home these days.

Curl up your entire hair or just the ends and tie up into a ponytail or leave it loose so that all the curls are visible. When you curl your hair you give it a new twist and at the same time you don't need to worry since they will be back to normal soon and you can go on to try newer styles.

Style 5: The traditional yet modern hair-do

By tweaking already existing hairstyles, you can create signature styles for yourself. You can part the hair into two and knot it up into two plaits with a partition in the front and without one behind! How cool is that?

The other thing to do would be to pull all your hair to one side and then plait it up so that your hair looks thicker and bouncier. This hairstyle makes your hair look very voluminous and works real good especially with medium and short thin hair.

There are many such hair-dos that you can think of and try sitting at home. All these hairstyles will make people wonder how this new bride is so innovative and super gorgeous with her hair makeovers. Your way of styling your hair will surely become the talk of the town and make all feel wonderstruck!