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I was nearing 35 and was worried about the delay in marriage. After performing the Swayamvara Parvati homa at AstroVed fire lab and remedy center on 17th August 2011, things changed completely. I am happy to inform that my marriage has been fixed on September 2011. AstroVed has done a wonderful job in my life.

~ Gourav Pandey, Mumbai.
(September, 2011)

Hi, I wanted to share my experience with AstroVed . I approached AstroVed for my marriage in November 2011 as nothing seems to be moving positive in this aspect. The astrologers there were really caring. They gave me confidence and this made me very positive . They asked me to start searching for the bride during the time span given by them. I followed their instructions religiously and my alliance was fixed. I got married in May 23rd 2012 as predicted by them .

I am really thankful for AstroVed astrologer for predicting my marriage and helping me to find the right partner.

~ M.Sakthivel, Chennai.

We were looking for a suitable alliance for our son for the past 2 years. It was during this time that one of my friends suggested analyzing my son’s chart to know the reason behind the delay in marriage. One of the Vedic Astrologer from your company explained the reason and suggested Swayamvara Parvati Homa. Last year during September, 2012, we performed the ritual on behalf of my son at my residence in Kolathur, Chennai. Everything was organized professionally and in a highly ritualistic manner. Within one month, after performing this ritual, my son got a very good alliance and his marriage was performed during the Aippasi Tamil month of November, 2012. I am truly speechless regarding the service that was offered to me through AstroVed and Matrimonial Remedies.

~ Ramchandran, Chennai.
(November, 2012)

I was facing problems in my marital life and after performing the rituals suggested by Matrimonial remedies – Mars homa and Uma Maheshwara Pooja, I felt an immediate change in my life. My intention towards a happy married life has come true and I am leading a happy and smooth life with my husband who is taking care of me very well. Goddess Parvati has blessed my family. Thank you for your kind support.

~ Nalini Iyer, Chennai.
(January, 2013)

I was quite unhappy with my marriage. I was facing all sorts of relationship issues; my wife believed that I had an affair with my colleague. I decided to consult someone who can provide a solution to this and through AstroVed I got the chance for it. Astrologer pointed out the reasons behind the marital issues and suggested some Vedic remedies and rituals to perform ASAP. The rituals were performed on behalf of me through Matrimonial remedies and now I am leading a successful and peaceful marital life. Thanks for the support offered to me.

~ Simon Nicole, UK
(March, 2013)

I was in love with Yamuna and our family was against our marriage. I was concerned whether my marriage would happen or not. I then had a consultation with and they had predicted that my marriage would happen peacefully during the first half of 2013. I am so excited to say that our wedding happened in June 2013 as predicted. Thanks a lot for your wonderful services.

~ Raja, Sivakangai Dist., Tamil Nadu
(June, 2013)

I would like to thank Mrs.Vijayalakshmi for predicting my marriage. she told me that before august 2013 I will get married as per her words, i got married on july 27th 2013". I really thank her for exact prediction on my marriage.

~ Raviraja, Chennai
(September, 2013)

My son had a very bad marriage life and he was separated from his wife. He was unwilling to remarry because of his bad experience from his previous marriage. I heard about and had an astrologer consultation. The astrologer gave me confidence and assured that he will get married again. The astrologer also gave remedy to mitigate the evil effect that was blocking his marriage. I was relieved, confident and waiting patiently. As predicted suddenly my son changed his thoughts and asked me to find a partner. I was happy as I found one immediately and he is now married with her and having a successfully married life as predicted by the astrologer.

~ Sucharita, Chennai
(September, 2013)

It was a wonderful experience discussing astrological parameters with Mr. B. Karthik. He was assigned as our personal astrologer and we liked almost all the analysis related by him.

Thanks for all your valuable advice & expertise.

~ Mr. Dakshinamurthy & Devi

Mr. Karthik is very elegant, knowledgeable and his expertise in very obvious. The explanations show his experience in the field which goes beyond his age. For such a young person his prediction and analyses are admirable.

~ Ms. Ganga Devi

Gave me good guidance and predictions. Overall happy with the service and assistance.

~ Mr. R. Masha

It was a quite good experience. Everything was explained quite clearly and the person seems to have good communication skill in explaining.

~ Mr. Sampath & Family

Mr. Karthik is very nice and has good knowledge. Meeting in the Expo was a nice experience.

~ Asar

It was a nice discussion during the consultation - all the details were explained clearly and with patience. Thanks for the valuable discussion.

~ S. Kamala

A nice satisfying discussion with your astrologer about my son's horoscope.

~ Mr. Valaiyapathy

The consultation was good and the astrologer provided effective service on understanding our concerns. Satisfied very much!

~ Mr. V. Srinivasan

It was a great experience to hear analysis of my horoscope. I was very satisfied and happy. Thank you.

~ Mr. Krishnaprasad