Second Marriage Wedding Shower Ideas

Marriages, whether it is first time, second or third, it is another major turning point in life. Second and third marriages are often thought to be just a replication of the whole episode as the first one.

But every time marriage brings about a bunch of unique relationships and energies coupled with patterns of behavior and outlook of the in-laws. The person one is bonding with, the household one is going to set up and the expanded social group – all are likely to be very different from your earlier ones. There will be lots of surprises in store still. Life is very different every time around.

Second Marriage

A wedding or bridal shower by friends and close ones can really pep-up the would-be bride. It’s good to have an enthusiastic group around to cheer up the bride and add lots of good vibes and energy to help her sail smoothly through their wedding day. Whether your friend had a shower before her first marriage or not, one before the second marriage can be different with different set of emotions at play. And every important decision in life requires celebration!

The creative and happy side of wedding shower:

It’s not very often that you get together with friends and enjoy the fun of volleying creative ideas to spend happy time together. Specially, when it is for giving couple a great start for a married life. So take the pleasure of being maid of honor and go ahead, organize a shower for the bride.

Wedding or bridal showers are organized by friends and close group to make the would-be-bride happy with gifts. But it can be good fun to spend the day in a unique way too:

Theme party: As the maid of honor, you will have to find out whether your friend is willing to have a wedding shower. If she is hesitant, suggest her a day of pure fun and laughter. Decide on a theme and give her a surprise by turning up at the party dressed on theme. Such efforts from friends will surely bring her lot of joy.

A fun outing: Have a rollicking day going out for movie, hoping or to a resort, or club where you can spend time swimming, playing badminton or frisbee, chatting and so on. You may choose to spend peaceful time together by going to an opera or a light music concert and so on.

Shopping: If the would-be bride loves shopping, take her out and buy what she likes. Buy her something that would be a memorabilia of love for her.

A party for food enthusiast: If the bride loves food, prepare dishes with special care for her and meet for a lunch or dinner in your garden.

Good friends and their good wishes can really help a marriage start off on a happy note.