Mangadu Kamakshi Amman – Blessings of Marriage

Mangadu is 24 kms from Chennai, on the way between Kundrathur and Poonamallee. ` Ma ` in Tamil means mango and `kadu` means forest, hence the name, `Mangadu`. It was filled with mango trees in the yore when Goddess Kamakshi came here and did penance to reunite with Shiva.

Mangadu Kamakshi Amman

Legends say

Goddess Parvati closed the eyes of Lord Shiva in a playful manner in Mount Kailash. The whole creation plunged into total darkness as the Sun and the Moon are the eyes of Shiva. Shiva wanted Parvati to atone for the act and she had to undergo severe penance for purification.

Goddess descended to the earth and did severe tapas in Panchagni in Mangadu. Panchagni means five external fires. Endurance of five fires is austerity. Panchagni is a rite of purification known as prayaschitta.

Tapas Kamakshi Amman

With her left leg on the panchagni while folding her right leg and hands raised above her head with a japa mala, the divine mother performed such intense tapas. This is her divine austere pose in tapas.

She did this penance before her union in marriage with the Lord Ekambareshwara in Kanchipuram. When the Lord summoned her, she left Mangadu without quelling the fires of Panchagni. It generated such heat and caused untold misery to the people.

The great Adi Sankara while passing Mangadu was beseeched by the people to save them of their plight. By the power of intuition, he could esoterically understand the nature of the problem and conceded to help them.

To reduce the effects of panchagni, he consecrated the highly powerful Sri Chakra made out of 8 herbs and this is called Ardhameru Chakra. No abisekhams are done to this Sri Chakra except for kumkum archana.

The idol of the Goddess in tapas is seen in an adjoining place from the main sanctum sanctorum.

Adhi Kamakshi Amman

In the sanctum sanctorum, Adhi Kamakshi Amman made of panchaloka is seen with a parrot on one hand and sugar cane in the other hand. She appears tranquil and is called Santha Kamakshi. Ardha Meru is consecrated here by the great Guru, Sankara.

Ways to propitiate the Goddess for Marriage,Employment and Child Birth

6 WEEK VOW – Continuous Prayer of Fulfillment

  • Those seeking fulfillment of wishes should visit Mangadu temple and offer prayers to Goddess Kamakshi for 6 consecutive weeks.
  • Those desiring a good life partner or timely marriage should choose either Tuesday or Friday or Sunday to visit the temple.
  • Girls desiring a virtuous husband should tie a yellow cloth with a root of turmeric to the tree at the entrance of the temple.

Method of worship

  • In the first week, one must bring offerings of – betel leaf, betel nut, coconut, fruits, flowers and two lemons and do archana to the Goddess.
  • One must pray sincerely to the Goddess and Sri Chakra and seek blessings to fulfill one`s wishes.
  • Then prayers to Tapas Kamakshi Amman should be made by going to her shrine. One must inform the temple priest of the 6 week vow taken.
  • He will then give a lemon offered to Tapas Kamakshi Amman. It has be brought home safely and be placed in the pooja room.
  • One should recite the following mantra thrice daily to the blessed lemon.
  • “Adhisayamana Vadivudaiyal Aravindhamellam

    Tudhisaya aana sundaravalli thunai iradhi

    Padhisayamana(dhu) abasayamaga mun paarthavartham

    Madhisaya magavandro vaamabagathai vavviyadhe”

  • In the next week of visit, the lemon placed in the altar should be brought to the temple. One should buy another lemon and give it to the priest along with the lemon brought from home.
  • He will give another lemon from the shrine of Tapas Kamakshi Amman and this should be brought home and kept in prayer altar for worship.
  • The same procedure should be followed for 6 weeks. On the 6th week , one should take the same kind of offerings for the Goddess as done in the first week along with the lemon kept at home. One should avoid buying lemons at this time. Instead the lemon from home should be offered but one should not get another lemon from the shrine of Tapas Kamakshi Amman.
  • Thus concludes the vow for 6 weeks.

Doing this with devotion and faith will produce the desired results. It has worked miracles in the lives of many who throng to this temple for redemption from suffering and alleviation of all kinds of misfortune.